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  1. How to ready 93 z28 for supercharger
  2. Need Cooling Help
  3. help tuning 383 procharged
  4. lots of blue smoke on newer engine? turbo
  5. Modifying advice
  6. 94 z28 le2 kit wanting to boost it ?!?!
  7. Injector sizing question
  8. BOV question
  9. After a year its almost done!
  10. D1SC air inlet options - LT1 need help/advice
  11. Is an adjustable FPR requied on boosted applications?
  12. pro charger question
  13. Turbo lt1
  14. HP Tuners for Boost....
  15. Project Frankenbird - spring 2015 - D1SC 383 Lt4, advice welcome! LONG
  16. CX RACING intercooler
  17. Turbo advice...
  18. Some blower piping upgrades
  19. Starting out on a 5.3 Turbo setup for my 96 Z28...
  20. Total Price
  21. cam
  22. 383 AFR 227 Heads and an F1a @11.5-12psi
  23. Stalling at a stop after warmed up ...
  24. 4L60E life with an S trim LT1, should I even try?
  25. wanting to boost in the future but building motor now
  26. Turbo or Supercharged LT1
  27. plug gap opinions waqnted
  28. Thinking about Putting a twin Turbo on this Camaro, PIC
  29. Sunday at Musclepalooza with the TurboZ28..
  30. Head/cam/intake and gaskets for high boost
  31. Any of you FI guys using the High Impendance 1000cc and above injectors?
  32. Need good tuner in SoCal for Vortech LT1
  33. T4 vs T6 on LQ4
  34. Going with twin GT35's ...
  35. LT1 turbo drain to oil pan...
  36. Keyed hub with stock cover?
  37. Any of you running an Aeromotive 340 lph fuel pump?
  38. 97 SS rear mount turbo???
  39. Help! Rear mount turbo exhaust issues. Changed diameter.
  40. Run LT1 built for boost with no boost :(
  41. Turbo Headers - Which Ones??
  42. need help
  43. Vortech T-Trim vs Y-Trim
  44. upgrade options for current p1sc? (doing a 383 build)
  45. crank hub adapter and harmonic balancer options???
  46. JGS Wastegate issues...
  47. difference of these two cams?? blower 383
  48. Air Filter size important on Turbo engine? Yes!
  49. The final rebuild.hoping for 650-700rwhp
  50. which heads: 62cc chamber/215 intake...or 58cc chamb/195 intake
  51. 14psi supercharger- Which heads 195, 200, 215 ?
  52. Pressure testing the cold side...
  53. Pics of my stock fans as pushers - LT1 Fbody 4th Gen Turbo car...
  54. Burnt T4 Shim gasket...
  55. Blower Cam ideas on 383 build -14psi boost
  56. 97 z28 turbo help
  57. need info
  58. procharger d1sc
  59. keep the stock engine oil cooler or get rid of it
  60. Ring Gap
  61. 2 bar MAP part numbers
  62. LT1 boost kit - Excellent!
  63. Procharger Case Ventillation (self-contained units)
  64. help! fuel cutting out high rpms..bigger fuel lines?
  65. Considering buying a 96 z with a powerdyne
  66. Saga continues...
  67. Idle problem
  68. yep...another pcv evac question...lol
  69. Single Walbro support 355 w/10 PSI (~535 RWHP)???
  70. Meth users: What is you timing curve??
  71. Does anyone still make TurboKits for this motor?
  72. Project: Boosting Rocky!
  73. Fun(?) on Saturday...
  74. need help troubleshooting??
  75. New Turbo and hotside installed. Issues and resolving them...
  76. Forced induction tuning question
  77. Finishing up new hotside install...
  78. 4turbo 5.3 in a 4th gen.
  79. Paxton sn93 sensor question.
  80. Welding aluminum tubing with Alumiweld...
  81. Ignition box necessary for Forced Induction?
  82. Critique my build
  83. FMIC for a 96Z28
  84. Rings - Gapless Top vs Gapless 2nd?
  85. Signs Of Supercharger Belt Slippage ??
  86. Worth changing cams for turbo setup?
  87. Made some good progress today in the new kit install...
  88. Reclocked PT76GTS, what torque spec for housings?
  89. Installing new kit. Turbine interfering with bypass pipe...
  90. Turbo Lt1's: whats the highest PSI you've attained?
  91. What power difference will I see between these two sets of heads with my combo?
  92. 355 has blow by.Time for a 383 build
  93. New Aeromotive 340lph fuel pump..
  94. Bolt on Power Steering setup for Turbos?
  95. Finally alive after 3 lonnnngggg years!
  96. Considering switching built 383 to FI. Advice?
  97. What will you be doing to your FI Camaro over the winter?
  98. OLD LT1 Paxton Blower Setup
  99. New Hotside ... :)
  100. 2-bar Map Sensor information-volts @ kpa
  101. front mount intercooler in 95 T/A anyone have it and can help me with parts list, pic
  102. 2 bar map question
  103. Turbo Upgrade :)
  104. Turbo LT1 Cam
  105. Winter build Need opinions on my path..
  106. supercharger or turbocharger? 96 z28
  107. Twin 76mm 383 LT1 build thread
  108. Need BOV advice/help...
  109. ATI Procharger people--anyone using a different oil?
  110. Any vendors here selling the JGS 40mm WG?
  111. Name this Turbo...Old STS kit?
  112. should i switch my ai blower cam???
  113. intake backfires?? caused by oil catch can?
  114. boosted lt1. a little disappointed on power....
  115. Will this chane tune!
  116. going boosted for the first time. piston and ring ideas?
  117. Throttle Body Pipe Fittings
  118. Idler Pulley - Locked
  119. LT1 Vortech oil drain question
  120. 3 Bar MAP question(LT1)
  121. HOw high do you guys spin your boosted motors
  122. fuel file help for fast classic
  123. Anyone have a 4L80E installed in your Turbo LT1 Fbody?
  124. LT4 knock module and boost - yea or nea?
  125. Another cam question...
  126. Have a dump pipe off the turbo?
  127. Signal hose came off Manual boost controller. 19psi!
  128. Any turbo guys with 4000 stall TH350 here?
  129. Procharger tensioner
  130. Got 3 passes in tonight before the rain stopped us...
  131. radiator and fan?
  132. boost gauge reading vacuum, no boost at wot.
  133. Going "Drifting" - Advice please
  134. CC503 or LE 228/236 on blower application
  135. Base tune for fast classic.
  136. boost controller
  137. Getting belt noise after going WOT
  138. what are the pros/cons of ditching the pcv system (93 lt1 boosted)
  139. Turbo Headers for a customer
  140. procharger crank pulley (any one makes besides procharger)
  141. 383 0rocharged idle surge.
  142. Top piston ring suggestions for boost/nitrous
  143. IAC on turbocharged LT1
  144. currently running Supercharger and Nitrous... meth too
  145. PCV/breather/oil seperator?
  146. How much vacuum?
  147. Is it ok to have a 3.5" to 3" reducer...
  148. Boost Gauge Installation
  149. What size is the oval opening for LT1 TB's?
  150. When is beaded intercooler pipe necessary?
  151. Same PSI, big blower or small blower makes better low end and mid range?
  152. New Build for the shop car
  153. ngk tr6 or autolite AR103...std copper core..which is the better for boost?
  154. Made a new Cobra owner unhappy...
  155. Manual vs Electronic Boost controllers...
  156. Whipple prototype for LT1's.. Have you seen this?
  157. Selling my longblock - 385cid w/AFR heads for boost
  158. Thinkin it's turbo time...cam question
  159. Where to buy FMIC and piping for procharger?
  160. here some pics of my new twin turbo hot pipes
  161. need some advice felpro or impala head gaskets ?
  162. budget turbo build Qs?
  163. Boosted 355 guys - What pistons?
  164. going lean with boost
  165. Fuel problems at boost
  166. dual power adders?
  167. Twins with Y pipe?
  168. Need boost advice for 383 with currenty 12:1 CR - which pistons
  169. Impeller speed vs boost?
  170. T-Trim Pulleys
  171. Bare minimum to run 8-10 lbs. boost safely noob questions..
  172. Has anyone here swapped their journaled cartridge for a Ball Bearing one?
  173. optimum CR for stock bottom end, p600b 10 psi boost, '93 w/ AFR 210 heads
  174. whats your favorite lt1 head gasket (FI) and why?
  175. Lt1 catch can recommendation
  176. PCV valve oil separators? any recommendations?
  177. Vortech YSI brackets ??? Who makes/sells them ???
  178. inside of my 93 lt1 after 5000 miles of supercharger
  179. T76 vs 88mm turbo (stupid) question...
  180. Supercharger pulley wobble, how to fix?
  181. Bolt-in vertical radiator? Without cutting frame?
  182. AFR 210cc on stock bottom end w/ p600b...will i be happy?
  183. what piston dish (cc) are you running on your boosted lt1 and whats your compression
  184. Idle issues.
  185. 112 lobe center smog legal?
  186. whats better? deep piston dish/shallow head cc or shallow dish/big head cc
  187. dyno dissapointment
  188. meizere electric water pump, yay or nay? w/ forced induction lt1?
  189. 200 shot on top of 15psi blower possible?
  190. Pros and cons of E85.
  191. What stall and rear gear ratio for turbo car?
  192. anyone using Autozone PCV1118 (Luber-finer) valve?
  193. methanol pump location?????
  194. question about Boost and PCV valves
  195. Shownomercyz28's Turbo Build... courtesy of LT1Boost
  196. Lloyd Elliot finished my TFS heads.
  197. Powerdyne LT1 install 2 questions
  198. question bout a charger
  199. Turbo Build For Jason Short
  200. Powerdyne on 94 LT1, need info, injector size, fuel pump etc...
  201. Wastegate vs Blowoff
  202. Best gear ratio for FI car
  203. hotcam vs. blowercam on supercharged ltx
  204. Simple Electric 12v waste gate/BOV
  205. BOV location
  206. Any interest in builder turbo kits?
  207. What do you know bout this companies product?
  208. Any F.I. guys using the Impala SS stainless shim head gasket?
  209. Those'who have done the EFI 24X coversion (that are boosted), I have questions...
  210. 50/50 methanol/water or ethanol(denatured alc)/water ?
  211. LT1 love in GM High Tech
  212. LT1 Bank 2 running Lean!! Please Help
  213. LT1 Boost Customer Roll Call!
  214. looking for conservative ls1 turbo set up??
  215. P600b Qustions and Dryer Hose
  216. Thinking of going vic jr intake. What all do I need to consider?
  217. Thinking of Selling the LT1 Boost Shop Car kit
  218. gmhightech puts waste gate on supercharger
  219. LT1 Boost PT88 Build
  220. If my Electronic boost controller is set to 15psi, should I hear it open at 5psi?
  221. Twin 76mm on a LT1?
  222. Powerdyne rebuild #2 ...what to do..what to do ....928 Motorsports?
  223. whats the better block for me to build up? 2 bolt or 4 bolt lt1?i
  224. sbc turbo manifolds
  225. Pro Charger for LT1 BD-11
  226. supercharged stock bottom end ltx dyno results
  227. Boosting an LS1
  228. ltx vs. lsx forced induction builds
  229. LT1 Boost Customer build... again
  230. Installing BMR Tubular K-member for extra Turbo Hotside Clearance, not...
  231. lt1 remote water pump?
  232. WOT timing retard with DISC 95 383
  233. ATI damper for procharger 396
  234. 1993 z28 need how to turbo guide PLZ
  235. aftermarket ecm/ which one for forced induction? also what do i gain?
  236. 95 z28 front mounted turbo build
  237. Oil Cap leaking oil - Need special Oil cap with filler neck
  238. what is you opinion on the sts turbo kit thinking of a turbo build later
  239. Supercharger Setup, Help!
  240. Turbo build questions
  241. should i have different spark advance depending on 100% meth of 50/50 meth/water
  242. lt1, p600b, 11 psi boost, meth inj. what timing should I be at?
  243. guestimation of track times? f1a 383 18psi.
  244. Tuning a Twin Turbo 94 obd1 Impalla SS
  245. building only 4psi of 18... f1a... just rebuilt.
  246. what cam for lt1 with f1a
  247. catch can for my lt1
  248. bov needed?
  249. supercharger not making enough PSI?
  250. acl race series bearings