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Engine Swap Thread. V6 to...?

Old 01-11-2004, 11:25 PM
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I was thinking about swapping my 3.4 out for a lightly modded SBC 350 that I came across that is carbed but IM not sure what all this would entail as far as work and money. It seeems that it would be straight forward but I dont know.

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I got a 95 Camaro with a 3.4L but I'm looking at an LT1 for $1500 for a swap. Completly rebuilt, but I have one (maybe 2) question(s). Will I have to swap my tranny as well? I can never get a definate answer so if anyone knows, please help. One other thing, Will I have to swap it if I drop an LS1?
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Yes,no matter which engine you decide to go with,LT1 or LS1,you will have to switch to the appropriatte tranny as well.
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i'm currently in the middle of a engine swap. I have a V6 camaro, and a wrecked z28. I'll post pics when i'm done. We're swapping the motor, tranny, and rear end. Right now we have both torn down, and are starting to put the lt1 back in.
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Old 04-09-2004, 10:48 PM
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does anyone know if i could swap a 350 with tpi injection in to my 94 camaro without any cowl interference problems i know its no LT1 but i can get it cheap
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Old 04-10-2004, 07:00 PM
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I've been thinking about this heavily too. But after driving a 03 Vette and an 04 GTO (350hp LS1, 200mph top speed) I am going for the swap. There's no comparison period!!!! that old saying still holds true "no replacement for displacement" I could easily spray my V6 to maybe low 13's but I'm more into "pedal power" more known as NA. I'd like to see a twin turbo 3800 one day but it would still be cheaper to do the swap. I'm looking at around $2500 for the motor and trans. and another $1700 install fee at Bill heard Chevrolet since there are absolutely NO shops thats do LS1 swaps in Atlanta except for GMMG. And we all know they dont touch average camaro's, only camaros with less than 5k on the odometer that were shipped from somebody's dealership or SLP itself.


Here is the list of stuff that will work in a 98-02 Camaro:
1) LS1 of course!!!
2) ram-jet 350 (gonna have to get the ram-air hood, but thats a good thing
3) 03' 427 crate
4) 572 crate (clearance issues, but it's been done)
5) LT1 (yes it will work, but you have to cut into the firewall)
6) ZZ4 crate (the guy at nalley chevrolet said it would be a direct fit!!!!! so i guess the firewall issues are false on this motor) This would be a good swap for the price

This is just a list of engines that will work, you still have to figure out the wiring and trans yourself. i just cant be happy without a V8.
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Re: LS1 engine swap

Originally posted by eneal13
i am considering putting an LS1 in to my car. does anyone know if the wiring harness from the v6 will work with the LS1?
No. You need the harness for the motor that you're putting in.
For a complete list of what you'll need to swap a 3.4/3.8 to an LT1 go to www.tacreationsusa.com./3_4_3_8_v6_to_lt1.htm or for the LS1 www.tacreationsusa.com./3_4_3_8_v6_to_ls1.htm. They are pretty helpful with all your questions. They sell complete swap packages, not exactly cheap, but they stand behind all their parts and you won't have to do any running around. A friend of mine had a great experience with them. The only thing is that they won't ship to a residence. But you can still use their swap sheet to see what you'll need.

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DomesticViolence in your link it says the bolt pattern on the transmissions are different well my 4l60e that came in my camaro bolted to a 3.8...it bolted right up to a ls1 with no problems
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Old 07-15-2004, 02:43 AM
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Ok here's a question for you guy's that have already done it, my buddies and I are about to dive into a project. We are using a 95 firebird 3.4 liter, and swapping in an LT1 from a 94 Z. What exactly will be needed, im talking power steering pump and resevoir, fuel lines, what are the little tidbits that everyone tends to leave out. I would like to have a good idea on just about every little thing that will be necessary, any little fabricating of wiring? Any brake problems. What have you? I know the basic's from that page on TAcreations, but even they left out a few of the tidbits I spoke of, like the power steering resevoir for example.

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Re: Engine Swap Thread. V6 to...?

Ok, I've got a 93 Camaro with the 3.4 Liter and the 5 speed manual. I know the transmission must be swapped for the LT-1 to go in...but I want to know about the driveshaft and rear-end. I have the 3.23 gears in my car stock...will that be good for the LT-1 or will I have to swap that as well. I am also wondering about my gauge cluster. Is it a must to swap it over or will it be fine with the 115 MPH dash? (also, is there any trouble involved with the pedals since it is a manual?)
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Re: Engine Swap Thread. V6 to...?

Ok this is the deal my cousin is giving me his tpi from a 87- 96 vette i guess the engine is currently in his datsun does any body know if this is a good motor. We are planning on putting it in my v6 3.4 liter camaro soon. How much horse do u think it has and torque and oh it is a rebuilt one.
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Re: Engine Swap Thread. V6 to...?

hi guys,

I just finished doing a lt1 swap into my 94 v6 3.4 camaro. It was well worth doing the swap, as the car is so much more fun to drive and to listen to the sweet exhaust tone!

Here is how I did it for $1150.00 in total using my labor.

I picked up a 96 z28 that rolled, but still ran --------$1000.00
new radiator from radiator shop --------------------$120.00
oil, coolant, new trans mount -----------------------$30.00

I swapped out the 94 v6 cradle with complete engine and manual trans
but left my original lower control arms, struts,springs and brakes still attached to the car, that way I didn't have to bleed the brakes. The v6 springs worked just fine and I have over a thousand miles on them in 3 weeks
since the swap. I installed the 96 lt1 cradle with complete engine and auto trans. I used the v6 steering rack and used the lt1 power steering lines. the driveshaft was swapped for the lt1 auto since it was 1 piece instead
of the 2 piece v6 manual one. they are the same length though. I left the original rearend as it has 3.23 gears and the donor car had 2.73s, but I pulled the posi unit out and swapped it into my 3.23 rear. I left the drum brakes alone for now as I will be swapping in a 8.5 10-bolt in the near future. To cover the large hole where the 5speed shifter was, I cut out the auto shifter mount/tunnel piece from the donor car and used the screws that held the 5speed boot in place. The consoles were identical and by swapping the shifter cover I was able to utilize my original console. I had to buy a new radiator as mine did not have provisions for the trans cooler and the donor car's was damaged. I kept my original A/C condenser, and most lines, but used the lt1 compresor and lines that were bolted to it. The exhuast was all swapped over to the factory 96 lt1 dual cat setup.
So far, that was the easy part, and where it got challenging was the electrical. Trying to interface the 96 obd2 engine harness to the 94 underhood harness and the dash harness took a little work. The easy way
would have been to pull the all the harnesses from the 96 but I did not want to strip the whole interior out of my 94. I used the factory service manuals to determine what connectors I had to swap the pins on and to interface the neutral safety switch harness into the 94 manual dash harness. I had to splice a few wires in and remove the ones related to the clutch. I wound up using the 94 underhood harness as the airbag system is different from the 96 and the donor's car were blown anyway. It would have been a lot easier to get a donor engine harness the same year as your own, because the wiring changed from year to year, sometimes quite a bit. I kept the v6 single fan ( that way i didn't have to add 2 more coolant fan relays and wiring to my harness) and it works just fine. my temp on 90 degree days in traffic fluctuates from 210 degrees to 190 after the fan turns on. The only downside is the pcm gives a code for the secondary coolant fan relay. I also left off the air pump and lines and got a code for that too. Other than these 2 codes there have been no problems whatsoever.

The best part? most people think its still a v6 when they dont see the z28 badges and I can fool them on the street. At the track, the bone stock lt1 has run a best of (for now) 14.04 at 99.68 (9.02 in the 1/8) with 2.03
60 ft times running the stock goodyear eagles.
Hope this helps some of you contemplating this swap.
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Re: Engine Swap Thread. V6 to...?

Wow, I'm doing mine next week and was about to go pick up most of the parts today, but you are the second person to do it for under $1300 by buying a donor. Plan A: buy donor car. BTW, how long did it take you?
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Re: Engine Swap Thread. V6 to...?


It took me 5 days. only 2 to do the mechanical, swapping from 5speed to automatic, but the electrical consumed 3 days. 1 day scratching my head, trying to figure out the best way to move and add some wires in several connectors, 1 day to plan it out,make a map, and 1 day to repin connectors and open up 2 harnesses to solder in a few new wires. It could have been done all in one day if I had used the same year donor, as the differences in 2 years was substantial on some circuits, for instance the 96 uses a body control module, wheras the 94 had seperate modules, and the airbag system is different. The pcm integrates with these and some other circuits differently in different years. Get the factory service manual for your year(years) and It will make it a LOT easier. It was well worth taking my time on the electrical as everything works, and I have had over 1000 trouble free miles, including a 600 mile trip since the swap.

shock 6906,

the rearend can be used from the v6 as its the same, I swapped in the posi unit from the lt1 into my original 3.23 rear, and the gauge cluster will work just fine as well. The cluster is driven by signals from the pcm and will display whatever the data is being fed to it. the pcm dictates the tach signal, and either cluster will diplay that.

95 phoenix,

the stock fuel system from the v6 works just fine, as gm uses the same 90 psi pump. I left mine with the v6 gastank and pump, and even reused the fuel lines in the engine compartment. I could have swapped them over to the lt1 lines but by unhooking them from the clip on the left shocktower, they were long enough to reach the lt1. You will need the power steering pump, reservoir, and lines from the lt1, but the rack is the same. I used all v6 brakes with no problems, and the v6 springs work just fine as well. The car sits about a 1/2 inch lower in front, but rides and handles just fine.
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Re: Engine Swap Thread. V6 to...?

Thanks alot nytrus, you've been a great help.

EDIT: since the car is a 95 and the motor is a 94 both were OBDI, do you think I'll run into any harness issues like you did?? Now I saw that you said you should get a wiring harness the same year as your own car, so basically if I got a harness for a 95 but the motor is a 94, does this prevent me from having to change the dash harness and it will work with the 94 motor?

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