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LE2, Trickflow, AFR HEAD choices

I haven't found an updated thread on this in my research so im going to start one.

I know they are all good and have their pros and cons. Whats everyone's experience with the above head selections? Ive been leaning towards the LE2 setup but in some reading read the trick flow setup wasn't a bad choice either, specs dont look bad for their 185 gen x head, as as far as a package setup seems stout, LE comes in cheaper and also seems like a great choice....my heads now are OEM and have 30k on them. from my reading they are a good head themselves. the aftermarket ones seem to have alot of cnc work which i do like. opinions??

As far as the AFR i haven't looked into them much aside from reading forums.
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Re: LE2, Trickflow, AFR HEAD choices

LE quotes typical flow values for each of his head porting levels. Trick Flow and AFR also publish flow numbers. While bench flow isn’t an absolute indicator of head performance, it’s a place to start.

Note also, for example, LE ports the out-of-the-box Trick Flows for improvements over the Trick Flow published numbers. Advanced Induction also ports the Trick Flow heads. AI also ports the GM LT4 heads.

It all comes down to “how fast do you want to go? - how much do you want to spend?”

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Re: LE2, Trickflow, AFR HEAD choices

im still thinking LE2 heads i was just browsing around and saw i could get a set for a little more money and wasnt sure if it was a larger gain. Im just looking for a mild setup. i dont need 800 hp. (I shouldn't swear like that lmao) A good friend of mine has a neighbor that works on these for a living, hes excited to go over some stuff with me and help me out. should get the ball rolling next week.
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