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L33 with 4l80e

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L33 with 4l80e

This weekend or next week I should be getting a L33 or other Aluminum 5.3. For my project. (99 Camaro v6 to v8 swap) As long as the 4l80e is from behind a 4.8, 5.3 or 6.0 to my understanding all I will need to bolt it to the back of the L33 will be the flywheel from the engine the trans comes off of. (except the early 6.0 with iron heads that have the longer crank in the rear from the factory) (only time you need the spacer is when you are using a older 4l80e that was behind a older gen 1 SBC. from what I have read so far)

I still have to round up how I am doing the wiring, trans adapter wiring, trans control, oil pan, k-member, intake manifold, what cam, springs, engine and trans mounts, Just working on getting it one piece at a time. See what I got engine wise, then order from there.

(I have talked myself on the L33, but when I go to the yard and if the ones they have listed are gone I will be leaving with something. If they don't have that I may just go 6.0 and then won't have to worry about everything matching up to the 4l80e it will be off the same. Or try to find a 4.8, 5.3 from a 2500 van so it will already have 4l80e on it) (just going with headers, cam and a tune right now, may go with some turbo action later on) (As along as it's a good solid running base to build on)

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Re: L33 with 4l80e

To the best of my knowledge, GM never put a 4L80E behind a 4.8 or 5.3. Only the 6.0, which you’ll find in 2500 and 3500 vans and trucks. The smaller engines came only in 1500 chassis paired with the much weaker 4L60E.
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Re: L33 with 4l80e

The 4l80e could be put behind the 4.3, 4.8 or 5.3 in vans from the factory in the 2500 and 3500 series work horse vans. Seen a couple of the 4.8/4l8oe stock setups and read about several more combos. I have read about the 4l80e also being a option in the 2500 to 3500 series as well in the trucks.

I didn't wind up getting the L33 like I wanted. It was already gone, as well as the other aluminum 5.3.They had several iron block 4.8 and 5.3 from 2000 to 02 to choose from. They did have one 4x4 with 6.0 in it but a lot of stuff was missing from the engine.

But they did have a 2004 Esculade that was running when they brought it in the yard. The yard was trying to sell it as a whole running truck but the interior being trashed and broken glass I guess turned everyone away. The AWD 4l65e was taken early that morning, but I couldn't use that in my setup anyway. I got the 6.0 LQ9 now with accessories, computer and harness. The only 4l80e's they had in the yard were 4x4. And all the 2wd trans were MIA.

So right now I am looking over trans and wiring options.

1: There is a 4l80e in my local yard still connected to a running 5.7 vortex from a 98 up truck. I know I would need the adapter spacer and right flyweel. Then reprogram the PCM and get a adapter harness to connect the 4l65e plug to 4l80e. ( I also have a 2000 6.0/4l80e computer, but would have to repin the harness and get a drive by wire throttle body)

2: There is a 6l90e at the yard I got the engine from still in the 2007 2500 series truck. The truck is missing it's 6.0 but still has the wiring and PCM. I would have to convert my engine from 24x to 58x wheel and I think swap camshafts/pickups. Also have to delete DOD and VVT from the computer before running it.

3: Just sit and wait till a 4l80e from a LS engine shows up. I got to make a 2 hour drive Monday and there are two more yards over that way to check out. Maybe something will show up.

I am still gathering parts. Still need right oil pan, dipsticks, trans, intake, etc. No need to rush it. I don't even have a LS rack or K member yet. And now that I have the engine on hand I am researching injector size, etc to see how far it can be pushed on the stock cam, and stuff like LS9 cam would do in the LQ9
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