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Optispark install problem

I am in the process of changeing the water pump and optispark distributor on my 95 Z28 Lt1. Problem Getting the optispark back in with proper timeing. I installed the optispark and hooked up everything the way it normally would to test start before installing the waterpump. It started but wouldnt take any fuel. Main question ....did I accidentally install on #1 top dead center on exhaust stroke or what. I mean it started. It didnt want to but it did but would only run at idle and ehaust fumes were heavy. Any input here guys would help me get this job done quicker.

P.S. Any ideas on getting this optispark in with out damageing the O rings on the shaft?
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Being that its a 95 I dont think you can install it the wrong way. Now if it was a 93-94 spline drive I would be a bit more concerned but its not. Make sure you have the plug wires on the opti correct as its easy to confuse.
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Its very possible to assemble the pin-drive vented Opti, by putting the pin in the wrong hole. In theory.... it can't be done. In practice, it happens all the time.

Always dangerous to put it in the wrong hole.....


What do you mean when you say it "started but wouldn't take any fuel"? You mean that it managed to idle, but if you attempted to open the throttle it would not increase the RPM?

The fact that it actually started would seem to indicate its not that far off. If you think about it, aligning the dowel pin incorrectly would result in a 120-degree error relative to the cam, or a 240-degree error relative to the crank. Hard to understand how it would run. Are you sure you have all the plug wires in the correct terminals?
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Was it running right before you installed the new Opti?

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I've installed a vented pin driven opti w/ incorrect orientation. So... now I pull the dist cap and check rotor alignment with plug #1 wire termal on the dist_cap (cyl #1 on TDC). I find that this helps eliminates the potential for misalignment @ assy. Hope this helps. B.
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