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C6 OEM Wheels on a 4th Gen

Old 11-29-2008, 10:27 PM
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Originally Posted by BabyVetteZ28 View Post
i have bought some black C6 ZO6 wheels, the front are 18x8.5 245/40/18 and the rear are 19x10 285/35/19, and i want to install some sportlines eibachs for a good drop, and i was wondering if the wheels would scrape or hit the front or back fenders, i need your help thank you
i'm running the exact same set-up you're running w/ the eibach sportlines.i'm having problems with my tires rubbing on the outter fender lip and the inner fender on hard turns. and it will rub the outter fender lip going over bumps and dips in the road sometimes.
i've rolled the fenders a bit, but it still needs more.. and i've installed an adj. panhard bar which helped alot, i'm just waiting to get it into an alignment shop to get it aligned perfect... hoping that will solve the issue. it's been a bit of a pain getting them to stop rubbing. what spacers are you using?

here's a pic... worth it imo cause i love the look. don't mind the dirt in the first pic... it got a nice bath later that day.
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Old 01-18-2009, 08:06 PM
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1995 Vert With 18" C6, New Black Top

Running 245/40r18 up front and 275/35r18 in back.

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Old 04-07-2009, 08:01 PM
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18" all around. 275/35/18 front, 295/35/18 rear. BFG G-force KDWs. They do rub up front when wheel is cut all the way. and my abs inop light is on. Not sure if its from the tires though. Haven't looked into it yet.

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Just had to add these pics of mines on here, sorry for the cell phone pics

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OK here you go My old C6 Corvette rims and tires 18x8.5'' and 19x10'' 245/40/18 and 285/35/19 with a 1.25'' spacer in the rear....


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Old 01-06-2010, 01:14 AM
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C6 Replica Wheels

I am running black chrome C6 replicas 18 X 9.5 all around with Michelin PS2 275/35/18 tires. These have pretty close specs to the stock tire as to rpm's, height, so forth.(stock16 X 8 with 245/50/16) I haven't had to use any spacers, or touch the pcm.
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Old 01-31-2010, 04:35 PM
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OK so I read the whole thread so I may have missed these things, but...

1) On the 'ebay spacers'... there was the post about the studs, stud grades, studs breaking... for sure agreed. What I wonder also though is about the actual material properties of the aluminum? Are they billets or castings, and does it matter for this purpose? Essentially, if that spacer cracks or disintegrates, the wheel is coming off regardless of what the studs are made of.

2) Are all C6 wheels the same offset (and/or backspacing) regardless of the year or style?

3) I like the all-black wheels, but how do you get tires on them without at leas a small 'bare metal' ring for the tire machine to press on? Or do you have to paint/coat them with the tires already mounted???

4) Prices! I'm old and poor. I know deals on used OEM wheels vary wildly, but would I be kidding myself to think I could put a set of C6 wheels and tires on my 4th gen for $1000?
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Old 02-02-2010, 03:51 PM
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OK so I found a set of 2005 Z51 bare wheels for $500... 18x8.5/19x10.

1) Are they all the same offset, as given at the beginning of this post? Meaning, these are off a Vert and I'm assuming that doesn't matter.

2) What does the 'polished' finish actually mean for a GM wheel? I've seen silver and I've seen chrome, but these look like actually just bare polished aluminum in the photos the guy sent.
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Old 02-03-2010, 03:40 PM
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OK Injuneer, this one is for you and your math skills!!!

I get all the recalibration and gearing stuff related to putting bigger wheels on. In this case, I'm going to the 19" wheels and the step up in tire diameter depending on size. So gearing will make up for the larger diameter, and recalibrating the PCM will 'fix' the speedometer.

However, the increase in spinning *mass* also has to reduce power beyond just the gearing/diameter issue. And I wonder just how much of a reduction that is in power. Is it significant, or negligible?

And is there a formula to find that loss, even roughly or as an estimate?
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Old 02-12-2010, 06:07 PM
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I sent a couple of PM's to the guys in this thread that said they had spare billet spacer/adapters for the C6/4th Gen rears, but notta...

If anyone still has 2 they want to sell cheap, I just scored a sweet set of C6 wheels and will be putting them on in a week or 2. Will need lugs/nuts/wheel locks and adapters for the rear...
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Old 02-16-2010, 06:19 PM
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I just used regular spaces purchased from American Tire Distributors and used extended studs in the rear. All of the C6 wheels should be the same offset, I think it's +53? Something ridiculously high.

For those of you who didn't, you absolutely do need to fix your speedo. Mine was off progressively more and more beyond 50 MPH. I went in with HPtuners and sorted it out, but I know there are people who haven't.
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Old 03-30-2010, 06:43 PM
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I just got the wheels on last night, and here are a couple of 'teaser' pictures... I'll post a linky to the umpteenhundredthousand pictures I took of it in Mayberry today when I get them all uploaded...

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Linky to photo album of the whole shebang:


So here are my favorite 2 pictures of the new wheels:

C6 OEM Wheels on a 1997 Camaro SS (4th Gen) 30-March-2010

This one’s primarily a ‘tech article’ but with, of course, umpteen pictures of the kids and the car, as well as some pictures from Mayberry today…

This is a set of OEM C6 (2005 Z51) Corvette Wheels on my 1997 4th Generation Camaro SS. The rears are 19x10” wheels and require a 1.5” adapter to compensate for the deep offset on them. The fronts are a direct bolt on, and are 18x9” wheels.

There are a variety of common tire sizes that fit these wheels, but I went with (found in other words!) 295/30-19’s on the rear and 255/40-18’s on the front, which calculate to almost exactly 26.00 inches in diameter. The stock 275/40-17’s that were on the car before are 25.66 inches in diameter, so I’m going to have to reprogram the computer for the slightly larger diameter.

I’ve also read that if you go with various sizes of tires that have different overall diameters front and rear, the ABS inop light will come on, and I don’t think there is a ‘fix’ for this. I got lucky and found tire sizes that are essentially the same in spite of the 18/19” front/rear sizes.

I couldn’t be happier with this setup! I really wanted GM wheels for various reasons, and the style of these wheels is very similar to the stock SS wheels. I thought over various styles and colors, as even these wheels are available in silver painted, polished aluminum, and chrome, stock on the Corvettes. This set is the polished aluminum variety, and is a perfect fit for this car in style, color, and size.

As you can see, the kids also enjoyed helping out with the (relatively quick) wheel swap last night! I’m 3+ years post-divorce now, and I kinda wanted to throw up spending any significant money on the car, but the kids love the car and the summer Cruise-Ins so I think I can call it a ‘family expense’… not to mention I deserve a toy now and then!

I started piecing this together in January, with the wheels as the first purchase, then the adapters a month later, 2 tires the next month, etc. I ended up spending about the same amount you can find local craigslist or other ads for similar wheels and tires used, but I wasn’t able to spend the money all at once so it ended up about a wash where the money is concerned. Plus the thrill of the hunt is worth any penny you can save by doing it that way!

I am confident that there will be no end of pictures of both kids and car at upcoming summer cruises!!!

2005 Z51 Corvette Wheels, polished aluminum ~10,000 miles, spotless: $554.06 ($475 + shipping).

1.5” Rear Adapters (ebay, cjbargains) $59.99 shipped.

295/30-19 rear tires (ebay, mrgomatiresinc) $225 shipped. ~50% tread.

255/40-18 front tires $78.88 (pair, local). ~50% tread.

Mount/balance 4 tires $40.

Grand Total: $957.93 (Which is about what a good set of 4 used wheels/tires goes for, I just didn’t have it to spend all at once…)
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A couple of afterthoughts/heads-up's...

1) This is the only nice set of wheels I've ever had, so I'm assuming this goes for any wheels, C6 or otherwise: Keeping the 'inside' of the wheels clean is a lot of work, and approximately doubles the surface area of your car wash!!! The rears are big and open enough it's easy to get a cloth or wash mit inside them, but the fronts are more awkward. I even put new rotors on because my old brakes were so grubby they would sling brake gak all over the inside of the rims in the rain. I cleaned the calibers thoroughly, and spray them down with the pressure wash... they still sling a little black **** after each wash, no matter how well I wash or rinse them. I've gotten into the habit of carrying a cloth to wipe them down with after I drive home. Since they wheels are so clean, they really show that crud that otherwise was unnoticable with my old wheels. Plus this is a daily driver with 120K on the clock, so it has to do the daily grind...

2) This is a 'preference' issue, but I think if I had the money, I'd do a full set of all 4 19x10's, as someone else in this thread did. I prefer the 'same on all 4 corners' look, not that there's anything wrong with the staggered appearance the 18x9/19x10's give. The rears are massive though, and do make the fronts look 'skinny'. The fronts have about the same position as the stock 17x9's, so compared to how far out the width of the 19x10's in the rear are, it is a noticeable difference when you look down the side of the car.

All in all though the wheels make the car! I get a lot of comments on them. Turns heads...

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Thanks for the really good write up 350350. Im actually looking at buying a set myself and the write up answered just about all the questions I had. Your car looks bad ***!
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