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Signature section

Everyone says to put all your mods in the signature area but the signature section is limited to four lines??

I had to edit and use the 1 font to fit. Signature section needs to be expanded.
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Re: Signature section

The limitation on signature length is the result of past abuses by people insisting on putting in up to 20-30 lines of "signature" in a "list" format.

The point of the signature is primarily to allow people to respond to your tech questions, knowing what you are working with, and for people you are helping to know that your car may be similar to theirs. To convey that concept we ask that you include year, model, engine (unless obvious from the year and model of the car), trans and any major mods. We realize the word "major" is subject to interpretation.

In an effort to assist you, I took a look at your LS1Tech signature, and found that you omitted three items when you transferred the signature to this site:

-the fact that your heads were ported by "(Henderson Performance)"
-the fact that your 52mm TB is "(bored out stock)"
-the fact that you have "C5 style 17" wheels

I believe you could have included this info, if you had taken some economies with your wording and structure. My suggestion, would be (see if this fits):

95 Z28 'vert M6: lowered, ES poly bushings, BMR LCA relo, BMR panhard rod, K&N CAI, JBA shorty headers, 3 inch catback/DynoMax muffler, aluminum DS, ported heads/intake (Henderson Perf), 224/234 .500/.520 114 LSA Cam, Alex Valve Springs, NSA 1.6X Ultra Pro Mag RR, 52mm TB (bored stock), 255 Walbro FP. C5 Repro 17" Wheels.

Of course it's your signature, and I realize you might not agree, but it's just intended as a helpful suggestion.

PS - are you sure the I/E lift numbers are correct with the 1.6X rockers? You've got heads that flow very well at 0.550" lift, but you aren't taking advantage of them.

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Re: Signature section


Thank you for the suggestion.

I will send you a PM on the Cam question.
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