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Which Optispark should I buy?

Hey guys, I know this topic has been beaten to death, but I'm not finding a recent thread on what's the best Opti out there at this point. I'm trying to avoid putting one in there that doesn't work or breaks in 2 months (93 bolt on Z28 in signature).

What I've read from older threads is that the AC Delco ones aren't necessarily manufactured with a the Mitsubishi optical sensor anymore. Previously I've always bought a Delco replacement.

I heard the MSD ones were kinda dicey, but some people say they've improved since coming out?

I saw a lot of mixed things about the Chandler Motorsports Opti, I don't know that they are even in business anymore?

Any suggestions?

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Re: Which Optispark should I buy?

I would hunt down a rebuilt AC Delco unit. Last I heard the price was around $400 with a core.

I have heard talk about Petris (https://petrisenterprises.com/), but I don't recall anyone on the board buying one and sharing their experiences.

I think the biggest advice, is that if the cost is less than $200, you are likely stepping on a bear trap hoping for the spring to be broken.
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Re: Which Optispark should I buy?

The MSD is still a disaster. Units produced over the last two or three years were producing erratic pulse signals, causing huge idle surges. I sent MSD a PCM data log showing them the problem. The owner of the unit that we logged also sent it back to MSD for testing.

After looking for all sorts of reasons other than their Opti, the feedback I got from an MSD customer service tech indicated they found the problem and made changes to the cap and the optical module. They rebuilt the defective unit and sent it back to the owner. He eventually removed his cheap Chinese unit (which was working fine), installed the rebuilt MSD, and the engine would not start.

Rebuilt AC Delco isn’t perfect, but seems to be about the best. But I've heard people complain they are getting harder to find.

Chandler seems to be hit or miss.... 50% OK, 50% have problems.

Avoid “AIP”.... formerly “All Ignition Products”, but their stuff was so bad guess they had to change the name. An outfit called “Sac City Corvette” resells the AIP for $100 more than AIP sells them for.

I have seen good feed back on Corvette forums regarding the Petris Opti. Might be worth a look.

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Re: Which Optispark should I buy?

Yeah agree if you can find a "reman" ac delco that is regarded better than other brands. They can be hard to find but rockauto.com occasionally has them in stock.

Another option, I have no direct experience with, is this guy who rebuilds original AC Delco Optis and includes a new MSD C&R (those are good but not the who MSD opti). I do know a person who went through 3 "off brand" Optis (all dead out of box) and finally used this guy and his Opti works and still does


again I have no direct experience with the ebay service but looked promising in terms of his rebuild procedure and testing
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Re: Which Optispark should I buy?

I would be a little leery of any small company that "rebuilds" Delco Opti's. All you can really replace is the bearings, cap and rotor. If someone replaces the original circuit boards and/or sensors, you may as well have one from China.
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