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anyone converted a LT1 to carb? what kinda HP is made vs FI

I was wondering if anyone has dynoed their carburated lt1, or if anyone had one. I know that alot everyone on here doesn't like the idea, but for putting my lt1 into a RX7 it seems alot easier. I got the Lt1 for cheap, has t56. Also if anyone has a TPI 350 block forsale let me know, I would like to carb that instead of a lt1 and then just sell the lt1 motor. But haven't found any TPI 350 blocks. So I am really thinking about carb lt1. So any information on a carb lt1 would be great. I have heard that the lt1 when carburated don't make as much power as when stock fuel injected, is this true.
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Carb vs EFI
The power differences are insignificant. With a well tuned carb, you'd be hard pressed to match the same performance with EFI. Not that it can't be done, it can and should... it would just show that the fuelie system could use some refinement.

On the other side of the issue, a carb requires a bit of knowledge to tune correctly throughout the rpm range. It's actually easier with EFI and a laptop vs working the primary metering circuit, which can be time consuming if you don't have the right equipment. A bit more time consuming as there's more to it than power valves and jets, especially if you're looking to match EFI tuning.

One thing you could do is use a wet intake with a 4bbl throttle body and have it worked for the injector bungs, etc.. Places like Rance Fuel Injection do this. It'll cost a bit more than a straight-carb swap but it's an option.
GM offers carb intakes for the LT so it shouldn't be a problem for you to go that route.

Good luck!

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You would have more options I think with a carburator, you can buy bigger carbs and all that too? cheaper superchargers possibly somehow step it up to a dual carb and get some weiland blower too? seems possible
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I also picked up an LT1 cheap and decided to carb it and put it into my 85z (im not done yet). Im not to sure of the power differences. However there is only one intake manifold available for doing this that I know of from GMPP and it is quite tall so I think it would be hard to fit it under the hood an rx7. I think they said there is something like a 20-30 ft pounds of tq gain with it and no loss of top end Hp. But then agian you would need a proporly tuned carb.
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Old timers may say EFI is a pain, I think going back to carb is a pain. Like Mindgame said, you have to know what your doing to tune them without having soft spots, they will not tune linearly, at least the carbs I've worked with.

I think they are dinosaur devices and should not be used on a street car unless its an old car, and still I'd rather throw an FI engine in it.
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Totally off subject, but one of my buddies just bought a lt1 Rx7 project car and is in process of getting it up and running. He's from cincy too. You all should have the battle of the americafied rx's.
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