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I'm back and look what I got!

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I'm back and look what I got!

I was an old member when I had my old 97 Z28 and was in a horrible streetbike accident from a drunk driver last November. I am doing good and working even though there is a huge titanium rod in my leg (upper femur)

I bought a 99 SS from a friend that had it for a long time. It is a real ss with some small mods. It has 126K miles. He and I had an argument that I should keep using what he uses which is 10-30 Synthetic blend. I bought full synthetic 10-40 and I am not going to use the car really during the colds winter in CT since I have lifted 94 Z71 Truck.

Should I bring back the 10-40 and get 10-30 oil? Just afraid the full synthetic may **** out. It doesn't leak, has a built auto from a highly reputatly transmission shop and I have to say the LS1 is another animal from LT1. The Ls1 touching the gas hallf inch whips sideways forever. Feels like an LT1 but the power keeps growing at higher RPMS! No matter how slow you go 2nd gear snaps your head back. Wanted a 6-speed but whatever got a crazy deal since my friend needed money for a large boat.

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Re: I'm back and look what I got!

He claims the rims are hard to find. They are real GM rims and told me to never sell them. I do have those ZR1 rims he gave me if anyone wants them cheap they have to go! I wanted the wider ZR1 rims and put 315's when I had my LT1.

Dyno tunned, lager throttlebody, Pacesetter longtubes, high flow cats, walker exhaust, center exhaust, some other small things. Transmission is amazing driven about 20 camaro's and 30-50 corvette's at my old dealership and this car ranks one of the highest in throttle response and shifting.

Led lights all around (very bright!) larger throttlebody, hollow out MAF I think, Dyno Tune sent to Rhode island, Pacesetter Longtubes, High flow cats, walker exhaust, has original CD player was added because my friend likes things original, no tints but will change that. Thing is a beast and this comes a streetbike owner that has ridin 5-6 kinds of streetbikes in 9 years.

Has 126K miles and my worries are original fuel pump, alternator, coils, and plug in the passenger side that he couldn't get too has to be on a lift he told me. Have the old plugs and the one new one that was sitting in his garage.

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Re: I'm back and look what I got!

Sweet ride!

The #8 plug is easier to get to if the passenger side valve cover is off. I could not do it from underneath either. I have stock manifolds, so might be different for you.

Alternator is a job to change too. Unbolt the brace at the rear of the alternator. Go underneath and unbolt the bracket but leave the bolts through the alternator and bracket. Pull them both out the front way. Remove the cables while the alternator is resting on the stabilizer bar.
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Re: I'm back and look what I got!

Welcome back.

GM specifies 5w30 for the LS1. It says right on the oil filler cap.

If you won't be driving the car in winter weather, the first number will never be relevant, so 10w30 is fine.

10w40 is a bit thicker. On a high-miles engine, many people recommend using a higher oil weight to compensate for worn rings. No harm will come from using the heavier oil.

On my personal car (a 2002 with 110k), I run 5w30.
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Re: I'm back and look what I got!

Welcome back. Sorry to hear about your drunk driver experience on the motorcycle. Bikes never win when cages are involved.

On a motorcycle I suffered a spiral fracture of my right tibia and also broke the fibula in November, also have a titanium rod in my leg. I now how you feel in that respect.

The car looks good. The wheels are the ones that Chevy put on SS models from 2000-02. They're 17x9.5's. Came in silver painted, chromed like yours or black with machined face. I like the black with machined face the best and want to get some on my 97. You can find them on eBay for roughly $150 each. Not hard to find as guys sell them after getting aftermarket wheels. Chrome or machined were probably optional instead of standard.

As for the oil use either recommended or similar depending on your driving habits and local conditions. Oil threads are all over the 'net. 5w-XX oils are thinner, yes, and most modern engines are designed to use it. My BMW motorcycle calls for 5w40 so that's what I use (I use Shell Rotella T6 instead of BMW branded Spectro and also in my Suzuki DR650).

Keep your new-to-you car clean and respect it for what it is. She's pretty.
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Re: I'm back and look what I got!

5-30 oil,no 10-40 ever.
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Re: I'm back and look what I got!

Mine has been run on all of its 143K miles on Amsoil 5w-20 winter and 5w-30 in summer..the car has a hypertech tune downloaded with the 160 degree thermostat,..doesn't consume a drop and you can hear how fast the oil gets "up top" even after long intervals between startups...theres nothing wrong with the blends either so its up to your pocketbook
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Re: I'm back and look what I got!

Originally Posted by Not Dave View Post
.......The wheels are the ones that Chevy put on SS models from 2000-02. They're 17x9.5's. Came in silver painted, chromed like yours or black with machined face.
I'm pretty sure the SS wheels used on the coupes (not convertibles) were always 17x9.0". The "rare" part is his (what appears to be) chrome versions. If I understand it correctly, the chrome finish was an SLP package option, not a factory option. They are becoming rarer every day, because they are plagued by the chrome flaking off.

5w-XX oils are thinner, yes, and most modern engines are designed to use it....
"5W" oils are not "thinner" except at cold start. The first number (0W, 5W, 10W) only applies to cold flow characteristics, the second number (30 or 40) applies to flow properties at normal operating temperatures. Point is, at full operating temp, a 5W-30 behaves the same as a 10W-30.
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Re: I'm back and look what I got!

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I have been getting harassed a lot from drivers wanting to race me, run me off the road, following within inches and also problems with the police. I was at a gas station at night on break from working at the wine warehouse and I walked out and saw 3-4 cops flashing lights in the car asking me if that was my car and saying it's a nice car and what I do for a living. They saw a bat and claimed it was a weapon that they found in the backseat floor. They ripped apart in my car and ruin the arm console. One cop said you must make good money. I said I make $14 at the warehouse and run a small landscaping business. He got mad and said, " Us cops make sh**! I told the other cops which a total of 6 stopped by and said what is the big deal it's an old 15 yer old car. He said shut your mouth while I was handcuffed in the back seat of the SUV for an hr and they let me go saying a bat is a weapon and make sure you print your insurance card instead of showing cops it on your phone. I told him I had no problem with the other cop last week that pulled me over because my lights in the front were very bright and had no plate in the front.

I was at a bar last night eating food. A Harley rider walks in and ask who owns the SS. I said I did he goes You sellin it? I said no he goes give me a price I want the car! I said sorry man. He ask me a few more times then he got offended and brushed me off. Later I found out from the bartender girl was that he was a very wealthy man. Someone said you could of sold him that car for 10-15K and he wouldn't blink. There is something about an Fbody Camaro that I miss and having one again I don't want to let go not even for a large amount of $$$.

Also I use 10-30 full synthetic. No problems starting at work when it was 3 degree's. I changed the coolant which is that crappy dexcool my friend that owned it for 5-6 years put only 8K miles and never changed the coolant. The car is not that loud maybe over 2.3K RPMS has Pacesetter Long tubes with high flow cats.

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