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Question Wipers only go halfway

Hello, I have been having a problem with my '95 Z28's wiper system. When i turn the wipers on any setting other than the highest speed (consecutive motion) the wipers tend to stop halfway through the cycle then repeat the cycle over and over, stopping halfway everytime, until i turn the wipers off. The strangest part is the wipers still make the full motion of going all the way up and down, but they stop in the middle.
PS i have had to tape the wiper blades to the arms because the wipers hit the bottom (i think they hit the hood) to hard and snap off.

I had a feeling it might be the wiper motor, but i do not want to purchase the motor if the wipers just need to be re-adjusted or something. Any ideas?

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Re: Wipers only go halfway

I was able to fix my problem using basic common sense troubleshooting techniques. Here is what i did for anyone who is experiencing a problem like this. I took the entire wiper system out to check each part. Here's how I got to the wiper motor. You must first take ALL plastic screws our of the plastic frame around the wiper arms. Then you must GENTLY remove the cover off the wiper arm to access the nut holding the wiper arm in place. To remove the wiper arms you MUST use a windshield wiper arm puller (you can get from any local auto parts store for around $13-20) Gently pull off the wiper arms (They are a real pain. You need both muscle and brains so you can pull off the arms without cracking the windshield). Once both arms are off you can then take the plastic frame off that surrounded the wiper arms. You can now access the wiper motor and links located on the driver side. (Note: to take out the wiper motor you must unscrew the wiper link on the driver side)
Two problems i bumped into while uninstalling the previous motor was that the motor's bolts were NOT tightened all the way and so the motor could be moved by the push of your hand. Also, there is some space in the motor compartment for it to move the way its suppose too. However worked on my car before had rubber in those spaced and taped down with electrical tape. My wiper motor was quite old, and i replaced it with a motor i took out of a 4th Gen V6 camaro from my local junk yard.
In conclusion, before buying a new motor check to see if your motor is tightened in its position and to make sure the motor is placed in its compartment correctly. If your still having problems i suggest talking to a mechanic or purchasing a used motor. I would only purchase a new motor as a last resort.
P.S. When reinstalling the wiper arms, MAKE SURE you adjust the arms so the wipers work correctly before putting everything else back together. Adjusting the wiper arms to the correct position will take a couple tries, but be patient :-)
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Re: Wipers only go halfway

I'm running into the same problem as you. My big question is how do you access the wiper motor with any tools or your hands in that small of a space?
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Re: Wipers only go halfway

L8NiteAutomatic has not been active on the site in about 1.5 years.
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