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HELP with stock Camaro wheels (RPO codes)

Hey guys,

Hoping someone here can help shed some light (relief) of the following questions on Wheels for 1982-1987 Camaro.

Looking at the attached picture and following the #'s



Camaro LT

PE1 14" x 7" (Optional wheel)


Camaro Berlinetta

PE1 14" x ????" (Optional wheel)


Camaro Berlinetta

N90 14" x 7" (Optional wheel)
B5L 14" x 7" Same picture but shown with "B5L". As far as I can tell it's the same.


RPO can't be found for it.

Conclusion: As far as can tell the wheel is the same throughout 1982-1987 yet the RPO changes from PE1, N90, B5L, and back to PE1


It appears from what I can conclude is that wheel shown in #2 has the RPO of PO1

#3. Does ANYONE know the RPO for that wheel? It's the standard Berlinetta wheel in 1985 where the "PO1" in #2 isn't available for it anymore.

First end this by saying how HORRIFICALLY FRUSTRATING it has been just to determine what type of wheels were standard/optional on years 1982-1987. Nearly EVERY source out there give completely different answers to what should be a simple search. Between brochures changing throughout (changing through each print date) to a wide range of books such as the well known "Mike Antonicks Camaro White Book 1967-2011", to the countless online sources available, as well as the stacks of Camaro books, magazines, 1000's of pages of restoration kits each each containing multiple research material inside... they nearly ALL conflict. I have spent the better half of 3 days researching JUST the wheels and tires for 1985-1988. So I am really hoping someone can help me out here.. Running out of migraine pills ;-)


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