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94 LT1 4l60e shift issue

So I've had this problem for a while and wondering if anyone has any insight on how to fix it.

My transmission has been built a couple times by different people and it does the same thing, I'm thinking it's somewhere hidden in the tune we can't figure out.

Normal driving shifting is fine but my problem is at WOT, 1-2 shifts fine but 2-3 sometimes shifts, and sometimes just doesn't shift and goes to the rev limiter. When I ran it at the track it shifted the first pass, let it sit for a little. Made a 2nd pass and rev limiter on 2-3. Let it sit some more and made a 3rd pass but still rev limiter 2-3. It's random on the street as well. Starting to the bottom of first rolling into it, it will make the shifts fine. Then sometimes it doesn't.

When I'm cruising and I punch it, it downshifts to 2nd and will upshift to 3rd fine, seems like I only have the problem when I'm starting from low speeds and stops in first gear.

I don't know how all the other stuff is set in the tune but the RPM shift points are set pretty low, around 5400 and when the car does make the shifts they are around 6200rpm. I don't know what else to check

My z28 had LE1 setup with a fairly built transmission, 58mm TB Yank SS3600 converter and 3:73 gears.
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Re: 94 LT1 4l60e shift issue

We have a trans shop owner who helps out on the "Drivetrain" forum, although it may take him a day or two.
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Re: 94 LT1 4l60e shift issue

Seems that I have had this same issue for years. WOT I hit the rev limiter or if I go a little easier it seems that it just winds out. Take the foot out a bit and it will shift. I am in the process of getting a tune and have told the guy about this. Hoping that it gets straightened out. After my trans was rebuilt I told the builder about it and he said it was a PCM problem. Interested to see what comes of this.....
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Re: 94 LT1 4l60e shift issue

Ed wright on FB said with my converter size it's best to get the trans to shift by RPM only. How do you make it shift by RPM only? Put 100% TPS upshift at 1
And downshift at 0?
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