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Re: Oil change on an SS: wait until it asks?

Originally Posted by JakeRobb View Post
Note that the oil life monitor assumes you are using full synthetic oil. Conventional oil will not last as long.
Is this true for all GM vehicles or do they base it off what the car comes with? (IE performance cars like Camaro/Corvette's oil life is based off synthetic, and "normal" cars like Cobalt/Malibu are based on conventional?)

Just wondering because my '04 Z71 is the first vehicle I've had with a "oil life" sensor, my previous '99 Z71 had a oil life monitoring system but it was something you reset when you change the oil then a light would come on in I think 3k or 5k miles saying to change the oil.

I changed my '04 Z71 for the first time a few months back when the oil life sensor said about 10% remaining and that was about 5k miles since the last oil change receipt from the previous owner. It was a bit dirtier than I'd like, but then again I'm pretty use to seeing clear synthetic oil come out of my hardly driven Camaro.
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Re: Oil change on an SS: wait until it asks?

I was wondering the same thing. Is oil life monitor set differently for a 5th Gen V-6 which calls for dexos oil than a 5th Gen V-8? Also how does using Mobil1 in the V-6 change things?
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Re: Oil change on an SS: wait until it asks?

I've been doing 10-12k km (about 6500-8000mi) change intervals on my SRT8 since I got it and I've never had an issue. I use the recommended 0w40 Mobil1 in it... it comes out a bit dark, but still looks fairly good otherwise. I've never had an issue with it at all.
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Re: Oil change on an SS: wait until it asks?

Since most Camaro owners (all years) in most cases Do NOT put a lot of miles on their cars I would disregard the Factory mileage recomendations and set your own schedule. In my case I get a filter & oil change every 6-monthes regardless of the miles. This way I dson't worry about it and the expense is good insurance for engine life.
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Re: Oil change on an SS: wait until it asks?

Best advice (fill the filter before putting it on !!! )
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Re: Oil change on an SS: wait until it asks?

here's my 2 cents. 16 year gm dealership tech.

yes GM tells us to inform customers its only necessary to change oil when the oil life moniter tells them to. the system does need to be reset when the oil change is done. it doesnt KNOW the condition of your oil, it assumes it knows the condition based on the algorythum.

all cars/trucks gm produces from 2011 and newer use dexos (semi-synthetic) or mobil one. if your car is older then that, and you use regular oil, then you still need to stick to the 3K/3mo rule. dino oil loses its lubricity as the miles rack up. it wears out. synthetic does not. but it still gets dirty just the same.

oil life monitering systems are a guideline. DO NOT use it as gospel. they created algorythums to calculate the oil life. but sometimes the system gets tricked. they will not let us know what factors are used. or anything for that matter.

there is a campaign out there to reprogram the ecms on 3.6L chevy and cadillac trucks. the new program changes the algorythum so that oil changes are not lasting 18k +miles. which Ive witnesed several times. NOT GOOD. those vehicles came in with either check engine lights cause the chains were stretched/worn or for excessive timing chain noise, especially at startup. the timing chains are not very robust on those motors, and the variable valve timing components are very sensitive to dirty oil. those parts will wear out and get clogged quickly with diry oil. but if you keep the oil full and clean, its a great engine.

another factor here. engines CONSUME oil. if you try to go 15K miles, it will not be full. and will probably be pretty low. GMs spec is <1Qrt/4K miles. thats the upper normal range. but if you drive 12K miles, and it consumes
.5qrt every 4K miles, now its pretty low.

yes good idea to fill oil filter before putting it on. agreed thats the worst part of an oil change for your engine.

'dry starts' have nothing to do with cylinder wear. that part does not use pressurized oil to keep it lubricated. the eng. bearings are the only part that is affected by "dry starts". everything else only needs a film of oil on it. which it will still have after the time it takes to change the oil.

and to wrap up this book, let me end with my recommendation. no more then 7500miles, unless your doin alot of freeway driving. and I think its a good idea to check the oil level and condition after 5-7K miles at the very least. if it looks nasty, change it more frequently.
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Re: Oil change on an SS: wait until it asks?

the manual states that the oil should be changed every 7500 miles, if the OLM reccomended it to be changed ealier then do so, but dont go beyond 7,500 as in the manual. These cars use 6-8 quarts of oil so you dont have to change it so often. tractor trailers use 30-40 quarts of oil so they can go 50,000 miles between oil changes.

Changing oil in a car that takes 6-8 quarts of oil anywhere under 4,000 miles is just plain wasteful. in the older v6 cars that only use 4 quarts it's a little different. but even my harley can go 5,000 miles on conventional oil and it's air cooled!
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Re: Oil change on an SS: wait until it asks?

I don't provide a rat's buttocks what the "tech" at the store says, my Camaro got it's first oil change at 600 kilometers to get rid of any steel that may be in there . . . . . .
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Re: Oil change on an SS: wait until it asks?

Originally Posted by zq8colorado04 View Post
I don't give a rat's butt what the "tech" at the dealership says, my Camaro got it's first oil change at 500 miles to get rid of any metal that may be in there. And it's second at 5,000 miles...next time will be 10,000 then 15,000 and 20,000 etc.....
Originally Posted by ShWanandrew View Post
I don't provide a rat's buttocks what the "tech" at the store says, my Camaro got it's first oil change at 600 kilometers to get rid of any steel that may be in there . . . . . .
Odd.... you two seem to have very similar writing styles.

Oh.... and ShWanandrew, I noticed the IP address you used to register is in Pakistan. Are there many Camaros there?
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