Zaino Bros. Show Car Polish Product Review

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Zaino Bros. Show Car Polish Product ReviewBy now, almost anyone who follows the automotive internet scene has heard of Zaino Bros. car care products at least once. There have been many questions about the manufacturer that recently burst onto the internet. Well, we are here to tell you all about it.

Zaino Bros. Show Car Polish Product ReviewFirst of all, Sal Zaino (pronounced “zay-no”) is one heck of a nice guy to talk to. He always had the time to answer our questions, no matter how basic. He and his chemist make a great team because they really put out an awesome product line. They have a wide variety of products ranging from paint finish products, to glass cleaners to “Leather in a Bottle” leather treatment that sells exactly like the name implies. Zaino’s products have been written up in many leading magazines, and were rated #1 in Corvette World magazine’s product test of leading car polishes and waxes for highest gloss, easy to use and longest protection. We decided to try out what Zaino had to offer.

Zaino Bros. Show Car Polish Product ReviewOne thing Sal made very clear was to be very cautious about what kind of material you use when you polish your car. From his extensive experience, if you do not use 100% USA made cotton materials, you could risk scratching your finish. With that in mind, we went to work. Because both of our cars are black, we wanted to see what the outcome would be on a car of a different color. We called up our good friend Mike Killewald and had him bring over his red 1997 Trans Am. As we began to apply each product on the cars, we noticed how easy it went on the surface, and how it came off just as easy. We followed Sal’s instructions to the letter, and were very impressed with the results. Trust us, pictures did the cars no justice. We have used several major name car polishes in the past, but none could compare to the brilliant shine and depth that Zaino’s products gave to our cars. The three of us were in complete agreement that our cars had never looked better, not even off the showroom floor.

If you want the ultimate in car polish, give the guys at Zaino a call, or see the website at Be sure to check out the product line, and read the “Tips and Tricks” section to learn how to make your car a true showcar.

Zaino Bros. Show Car Polish Product ReviewWe still are not sure where Sal and his chemist learned how to make such a quality product. As far as we are concerned, there is no other product out there that can compete.

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