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2000 3800 Coolant fans. 107K Miles

So I recently went through and had to replace the head gaskets on my 2000 Camaro. While I had the heads off I just went ahead and ordered some remanufactured heads from RockAuto (only 170.00 each after the core so why not). But any who. I got it all back together, delt with trying to get the air out of the system which I think I got. The problem is that the coolant fans do not appear to come on.

I let the car idle for atleast 10 mins or so. The temp needle just sat right before the 210 line (Middle of the gauge) but they never kicked on.

When did the heads I also put in a new 185* thermostat and new coolant temp sensor in the lower intake.

Looking in the fuse boxes in the engine compartment I only see 3 relays for the fans, no actual fuses unless I'm missing something. I'm afraid to let it keep idling for fear of over heating again. Its got to the point where I've started to doubt the temp needle on the gauge cluster idk, maybe im just being paranoid.

I don't want to bypass the fans and run a manual switch I'd prefer them to work how they are supposed to.
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Re: 2000 3800 Coolant fans. 107K Miles

Engine was designed to operate with coolant at 210F. Typical 4th Gen fan temps are both turn on low speed at 226F and both go to high speed at 235F. I'll check the 2000 factory manual to see if the 3.8L V6 is any different.

A 185 t'stat only starts to open at 185. Not fully open until 200-205. Generally, if you put in a lower temp t'stat, you have to reduce the fan on/off temps in the PCM to see any reduction in engine operating temp.

The fan control (relay) fuse is in the underhood "Fuse And Relay Center 1”..... same box as the three relays. Page 6-63 of the Owner's Manual indicates the fuse is labeled “COOL FAN". That just protects control current to the relays.

"Fuse And Relay Center 2” has a fuse labeled "ENG CONTROL". Owner's Manual shows it includes "......... Cooling Fans". But that also supplies PCM, Fuel Pump, and AIR.

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Re: 2000 3800 Coolant fans. 107K Miles

So just to update. I thought I had bought a 185 T-Stat, but apparently it was a 195*. I ended up letting the car warm up in the driveway then took it up and down a stretch of road down the street from my house with my scan tool attached displaying the ECT it never got above like 222* from what I seen it would get to about 222* then it would go down to about 210*ish or so then slowly go back up. The needle on the dash never really went past the 210* mark.

When I got home both fans were spinning I would say at low speed because you could feel the air off them but they didn't have that sound a fan would make when spinning fast.
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