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Manual brake or pump booster.

Whats the best route. My cam doesn't provide enough vac for the booster. Ive never driven a car with manual brakes before and i kinda like power but i cant compare the two if ive never driven one.
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Re: Manual brake or pump booster.

I don't know how hard it is to convert an F-body, but my favorite option is the kind that uses the power steering pump to build pressure. I believe it's called HydroBoost. It's a common upgrade on Grand Nationals, which come from the factory with an electric boost setup called PowerMaster, which is also good, but IMO not as good as HydroBoost.

PowerMaster, FWIW, uses an electric motor to draw a vacuum in a little chamber called an accumulator. Fully charged, the accumulator has enough vacuum for about 7-10 stops -- even after you turn the car off, which is an interesting perk. The downsideis that the accumulator is plastic and will eventually crack. It's cheap and easy to fix, and the replacement ones are a revised part that doesn't crack as easily, but surprise manual brakes are the worst kind of manual brakes!
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