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ABS problem


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ABS problem

Having a slight problem with the brakes on my 96 camaro.
Sometimes when I am approaching a stop, just as I'm almost at a complete stop, the abs fires off and I get the low traction light. Brakes are new and recently bled at the Chevy dealership. It is somewhat dangerous in the fact that if I'm following another vehicle, the brakes cut out from the abs before I'm at a complete stop and that's scary when you're behind someone.
Just thought maybe someone knows what could be the problem.
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Re: ABS problem

I had the same problem with my Strange 12-bolt. The Strange had a proprietary sensor that had to be adjusted for clearance to the reluctor. If it got out of adjustment, same result you have. Not what you want when you are slowing 20 feet from the car in front of you, and all of a sudden the brakes are not fully engaged.

With the stock rear/sensor, I've suggested that it would be a good idea to check the rear sensor for metal particle buildup on the end near the reluctor. No one ever came back and said it cured the problem, but no one ever came back and said it didn’t work. Might be worth a try. If it works, let us know.
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Re: ABS problem

You might also have a malfunctioning sensor.

If you find yourself in this situation again before you get it fixed, you could pull the e-brake. Do so carefully, and only once you’re already going fairly slow. You might want to practice stopping the car with it when no other cars are around. The e-brake engages very suddenly, with only two or three “clicks” of lever travel between fully disengaged and fully engaged.
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