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94 Lt1 Camaro - New Owner

The Camaro looks great but it's been sitting a while and doesn't run. After we put a new battery in the car, we were able determine no fuel was getting to the engine.

We checed the fuse and relay. They both had power and the relay momentarily clicked so it appears the pump might be suspect.

And I also had a question about the fuel gauge. It registers past full at all times. The other gauges bounce when the ignition is turned ON, but not the fuel gauge. I have read about the gauge reading past full, but started second guessing this when I noticed the meter was not moving (from E to Full). Could there be a problem with the fuel gauge as well? Any chance the tank is full?

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Re: 94 Lt1 Camaro - New Owner

Welcome to CamaroZ28.com ! ! ! Good to see another LT1 owner on the site.

Sounds like you may have a problem with the harness connector for the fuel pump and gauge float. Possibly a faulty ground wire. An open circuit for the fuel gauge float presents infinite resistance, which drives the needle to the max reading of the gauge.

Shoebox has a good article on checking the fuel level gauge, and pics of the harness connector and wiring near the fuel tank:

4th Gen LT1 F-body Tech Articles

You can check the fuel pump, bypassing the relay and the PCM security system interlock by applying 12 volts to the fuel pump prime connector near the PCM - location is the same for all years of the LT1.

Again, from Shoebox:

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Re: 94 Lt1 Camaro - New Owner

When my camaro wasn't running it's fuel gauge still read whatever amount of fuel was in the tank even with no battery. I thought my gauge was broken too, until I drove the car for the first time and got gas and realized that it did work after all.
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