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lt1 help

I have a 95 lt1 has slightly larger cam , 36lbs injectors ,headers and holley throttle body 6 speed car putting back together my question is what mods will I need to make to cpu. and where to get it done? and if im not posting right please let me know where and how to post im a beginner, thanks in advance
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Re: lt1 help

your PCM (aka cpu) needs to be re-flashed with a tune to support whatever mods you did.

A mail order tune would be OK. Whoever you use would have a form you list what mods, tire size, gears etc. along with engine mods.

you either ship them your PCM or you can buy a cable where they send you the tune and you load it from a laptop.

search LT1 PCM tuners.

there is software you can get and DIY....although a skill set that needs to be learned vs the spinal tap version of turning everything up to "11"....
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Re: lt1 help

Was this response not OK?

That was your thread from last year that you resurrected yesterday.

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