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High Mileage LT-1 legends

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High Mileage LT-1 legends

Any one have any stories about LT-1's they know of that have 300k+ on them? My brother's car has been beat on and is mostly original at 210k.. I have 202k on mine...
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There have been many posts over the years of 300k+ LT1s, some even with the original opti.
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i know one guy on here a long time ago tore down his 260,000 mile LT1 with the stock opti, because the head gasket blew and it hydrolocked, when he pulled the heads off there was still visible cross-hatching on the cylinders

i was very impressed
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i had bought my 93 z with 166,000 miles and put nitrious on it with all the bolt on mods at about 171,000 miles i used nitrous from there till 218,000 miles. I sold it about a year ago and not one complaint from the new owner and i still see it on the road here and there when i go to glendale. Im glad i sold it to someone who takes care of it, that was a great car and extremely reliable.
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I have 208K on my white '97. Its apart right now because of blown head gasket. My '91 Firebird with a 305 TBI has 207K and runs runs good and has only stranded me once when the wire in the column for the VATS opened. Bypassed the open with a resister.
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I don't know of many 300k mile LT1 cars that are still on the original (not rebuilt) motor.

The motor itself can easily last that long, it just seems that fbody owners get bored with the level of HP that they have and start modifying their cars... Almost every engine failure I read about here in "LT1 engine tech" is on a modified car...

By contrast I don't think I've ever seen a LT1 wear out because the owner was using 5w30 motor oil... No matter how many times I read posts saying 5w30 is "too thin" to offer enough protection...
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Originally Posted by 8cylinders>4 View Post
i know one guy on here a long time ago tore down his 260,000 mile LT1 with the stock opti, because the head gasket blew and it hydrolocked, when he pulled the heads off there was still visible cross-hatching on the cylinders

i was very impressed

That was me!

267,000 miles and now I'm using the opti on my new engine with a different cap/rotor.
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Where should I start......

Bought my camaro 2003. All stock the exhaust was rusting.

1.)Blew head gasket in 2005 on driver side. Used that stuff that you pour in your coolant. Worked.

2.)2007 I blew the cylc wall gasket the metal ripped open and my head was shooting coolant towards my front bumper. took the head off resurfaced it was warped, changed the oil a couple times and runs good knock on wood. Might of been from original cat witch I still have.

Car overheat because a hose exploded and that's about it. Used Mobil one 10-30W the whole time. If I blow another head gasket I will just do the same boring routine.

Notice since I added the Loudmouth, and coldair thats when I started to have problems.
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My camaro engine had 170,XXX miles right before i pulled it. Ran like no other. "Factory Freak" everyone called it. I had some small bolt ons, and this thing was running with LSX cars. Didnt use oil, didnt burn coolant, original gaskets, had an opti/water pump change at 120,000. Last time I ran, it went low 13's on street tires in midwest January weather. Outstanding motor, still had 25psi oil pressure in 90+ degree summer weather. The 4l60e went 155,000 on original, and broke 12 times or so since replaced. I just got a 383 setup put together for it, but i wouldnt be surprised if it had another 50,000 strong miles left in it.
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I have one with 227K on it in the driveway, not an f-body but the based curb weight of 4672lbs, the 2.93s and 28" rubber, combined with a trailer hitch means those were not easy miles. Ran it at the track back about 180k and was fast enough to beat an '04 Impala SS, the blower 3.8L model.

Remeber that the LT1 was used in b-bodies, meaning police service and then taxi service, there are a LOT of 300K+ LT1s out there, they are just fleet cars.
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mine is only at 125k. original opti but did a cap and rotor on it. its on its 3rd water pump but the last one was only for my piece of mind. i did pull it and reaseal as well as a new clutch. all done less than 500 miles ago. im the 5th owner of the car and owners 3 and 4 let it sit a lot and did i when i first got it 3 years ago. now its my daily so the mileage will probably start to rack up.
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