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How can I manually start my AC Compressor?

My freon level went low and now I cant get the car to accept the freon because my compressor wont move. Is there a way to jumper the compressor so It will turn so I can install the freon in the system?

If I could jumper either the high side of the system or the relay I would appreciate it. My compressor works fine. I just want to test the compressor manually.


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Re: How can I manually start my AC Compressor?

Jump B1 to B4 in the AC relay..
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Re: How can I manually start my AC Compressor?

Should just hook up the can of refrigerant, when the system pressure goes up the compressor will start. If it won't run with the can open to the system there is probably another problem.
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Re: How can I manually start my AC Compressor?

i also have an ac issue. i got the car about 4 months ago 95 z28. car sat for a few months or more. ac worked decent when i got it. then one day it just stopped blowing cold. today i bought a recharge can. hooked up the gauge to check pressure and it was in red. purged air from system and guage was green. turned car and ac on and hooked up the kit and started spraying freon into the system. let off the trigger after a few second and was in red again. purged and and say situation. any suggestions?
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Re: How can I manually start my AC Compressor?

I generally think it's best to leave the AC stuff to the pro's. Case and point, I decided to check my system with a can of AC Pro and charge it a little. Well, after removing the can of AC Pro, my schrader valve will not seal. I guess the seals are hard and won't seat. So now I'm out $40 and have to spend $160 for a discharge, schrader valve replacement, and recharge. The only thing holding the charge in my AC system is the black cap, with the seal in it, on the low port.

Hopefully some other will chime in on the subject, but I only know enough on the subject to be dangerous with it.

When checking the pressure, was the compressor running? To get an accurate reading the compressor must run(if I'm not mistaken). If it will not turn on....the system pressure could be too low or maybe the compressor relay could be bad. Chances are if the compressor was bad you would hear it. I suppose the compressor clutch system could have issues as well. Another thing to consider....are the flaps moving correctly to direct hot/cold air in the vents(the temp **** for the AC system)?

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