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1997 Z28 Window wiring diagram

Hello all,

Looking to download an electric window wiring diagram, wire by wire, every connection, for a 1997 Camaro Z28.
I am trying to reinstall the power window control module, which was removed from the car, and all junction connectors and splice locations were removed. All I have is the module, connector, and about 10 wires, color coded, coming out of the modules connector. Each color code is labeled as to function of the modules cover.
So, because all the wire ends, etc, are removed, wiring harness plug to plug diagrams are no help. I need individual circuits, point to point, to recover the original connections.
There has to be somewhere on the internet that has detailed data available.
Any help is appreciated.
Thank you all in advance ...............
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Shoebox has the 95 wiring diagram, but the problem is 95 has the Retained Accessory Power (RAP) module, and the 97 incorporated the RAP module to the Body Control Module (BCM). The diagrams may produce some helpful info though.

95 Power Windows:



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What all is missing? You say entire circuits, did your car originally have power windows? I have the wiring diagram in front of me (no scanner though), and I see only 4 wires coming out of the module. Let me know exactly what you need and I might be able to walk you through it.
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Lightbulb Some more info ...

First, thanks for all the info from those who have responded thus far. So far, not quite what I need, though.
I believe the window control unit is a stock '97. It is abou 4" x 2.5" x1" w/ 529T on the cover and wire assignments on the reverse side. There are a total of ten wires , labeled as follows:
Blue motor, side 1
Gray (-) Output through activation, side 1
Brown Switch, side 1
Orange (-) Activation input, side 1
Black (-) Chasis ground
Gray/Black (-) Output through activation, side 2
Red (+) 12V constant
Orange/Black (-) Activation input, side 2
Green motor, side 2
White Switch, side 2

The Orange & Orange/Black are twisted together and are slipped over a terninal on a relay, BEULER 12V 30/40A #BU-5083-0000

Terminal layout is 1, then 3 across, then 1. I'll call them 1-5.

2 3 4

The #1 terminal leads out to ?. orange & orange/black are on #4, and have a resistor, or diode between the wires and terminal connecton.
#2 #3 are jumpered together, with #3 having a second wire attached leading out to ?
I have access to the GM 2 volume repair set for the 1996 Camaro & Firebird, but have been unable to find anything (so far) specificly for the '97.

Should have said all this in the 1st posting. Sorry, my bad! I was worried of it being too lengthy.
Maybe these details will better enable someone to help me out here.
I am not a real keen electrical guy, but I do follow directions very well. I am able to follow basic circuits. I make very good soldered splices, and other connections, and wrap the soldered sites well or use shrink sleeving to avoid any shorts etc. I understand how relays function, basicly, like in a starter circuit, and have installed several multi-amp audio systems with active/passive cross overs and multi-speaker arrays, without too much trouble, and that, my friends, is the limit of my "electrical expertise".
BTW, I have also realized through trial and error, (mostly error), if you let the smoke out of those little wafer thingys with all the legs, they don't work anymore, ever, that a 12V arc will sting real good and melt stuff, and that I need to ask for help BEFORE I dive in the deep end!

Thanks again to all you helpful persons, both for your time and interest in helping other enthusiast. Great web site, this!

Regards to all, Lvs2

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