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Pilot Bushing or Bearing?

I love doing my own work cuz I learn more about my car when I get my hands dirty, rather than paying a shop to do it. It helps justify buying new tools too! Anyway I need some instruction please.

I used the "pack it ful'o grease" method to remove the pilot bushing. Had to do the process seven times, but it worked! Now, the clutch kit I bought came with what appears to be two of the same thing, a pilot bearing and a pilot bushing.

They are the same dimensions (to the naked eye anyway), but one is solid metal, and one has roller bearings on the inside. The number inscribed on the all metal is PC656
The # on the roller one is PC381.
The bushing I removed was solid. So of course I want to put in the roller bearing cuz that's better, right?

Am I using the proper vernacular to describe these parts? bushing vs bearing? And if I use the bearing peice, the bearings face the input shaft, not the engine, right? (bearings go half way back the cylinder)

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