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Old Monojet Carb on a Chevy Six

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Old Monojet Carb on a Chevy Six

I guess I've been lucky after owning 27 cars or so that I've never had even a minor carb problem... but I somehow actually fell for a 1976 Camaro (stored for 30 years with much of it still looking pretty nice and original) and I now must live with the stuff that happens with a 41 year old car that has had chunky stuff in its fuel lines. And you'll probably think I'm even stranger when I say I've actually grown to like the boat anchor 250 six (less tickets than with my LT-1), so I'll just get on with it.

When I bought the car, it started and ran reasonable well, with just a hint of hesitation when you hit the gas from the one-barrel Monojet. Unfortunately it had a nasty flooding problem after being driven more than 5 minutes. So last week I removed and rebuilt the carb (my first time), and I cleaned it thoroughly and was pretty proud until I found I did solve the float bowl flooding -------- but now there is a huge hesitation problem and the fast idle has also stopped engaging.

Can someone tell me some of the fundamentals of carburetor function? If I am screwing in the adjustment screw, am I reducing air or fuel? Could the adjustment of the needle valve that goes into the jet in the float bowl cause a lack of fuel if its mounted too tight (too low)? The stats say to adjust needle 5/64 above the top of the mid-carb body, but it was previously adjusted 5/32 (and ran fine), so i compromised between the two. Could that be the problem?

And is there any way to tell if this hesitation and lack of power is for sure fuel rather than air problem?

I'll add that their are two filters (the fuel inlet one new... I'm trying to replace the other but there's only three inches of flexible fuel line). But I don't think dirt or inlet restriction is the problem.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give!
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