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Heart of the beast, what cam are you running and what times? SBC only please

what cam are you running in your Small Block Chevy and what 1/4 or 1/8 times are you running? Do you like the cam? I am looking for a cam for mine...thanks

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blub blub..blub blub..

I have a Midwest Motorsports solid cam in my 383. Its about this big-
adv dur-287/295
@.050 dur-256/264
105 LSA
81* overlap
[email protected] (traction limited) through 2 1/4" exhaust & 3.23 gears. The 105 LSA made it pain to drive & stage, plus the 6" of vacuum caused all sorts of wierd troubles (carb tuning,pcv & timing).

I just swapped a Comp Extreme solid 274 in it-
@50 dur-236/242
110 LSA
57* overlap
This cam sucks for my application, but yours may be different. Other people like it, but everyone has a different combo. I dont have any times with it (no tracks open till april) & am changing right now. It does idle like a *****cat and pulls a whopping 12" of vacuum at idle though!
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Hydraulic Crane Energizer, 222, .467" lift (using 1.6 rockers, so actually a bit more), 110 LCA. Ran a best 13.7 @101 at local 4,100 ft track. Corrects to about a 13.0 @106 at sea level. Skank 2.17 60 ft. I love the cam. Very mild idle, plenty of vacuum, engine never gets above 170.

My 71 is 3,550 with me in it, th350 w/stock converter, 3.42's, home port smog heads, Edelbrock 2101, 780 Holley, Radial T/A's. Cam makes plenty of torque, which is good cause the heads call it a day at around 5k.

2 Keith Blacks broke , so I'm building another 400, and the same cam is going right back in. Bought it from Summit. 90 bucks w/lifters.
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thanks guys, keep 'em coming

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Here's what I had in my '81 Z28:
  • 383 small-block Chevy, 4-barrel QuadraJet, Weiand "Stealth" intake; "882" casting heads (~76cc chambers), .480/.480 lift hydraulic, flat-tappet cam, flat-top pistons (probably ran ~9.5:1 compression), long-tube headers, true dual exhaust (2 1/4")
  • TH350 3-speed auto. tranny (with a mild shift kit), 3.42 posi rear-end
  • 245/60/R15 Dunlop G/T Qualifier tires
  • Trac-bars
I know that the 882 heads aren't that great, and the cam could have used way more lift, be with that combo the car ran 14.21 @ 97mph breaking down!! (or should I say, leaning out?! ). Yeah, I was pi$$ed! For some reason, when I went to the track, the car (engine) would only rev out to about 4000-4500rpm, then it would start cutting out, and causing the whole car to "buck" (like launching a standard really bad) except this started happening at the top of 1st, and the top of 2nd gear?! I went 2 weeks in a row, and even installed an electric fuel pump and a new filter to try to cure the problem, but it still would not rev to ~6000rpm like it would on the streets around home. I think the elevation was different at the track I went to than around home, so IMO, a 750 Holley would have fed a lot more fuel to the engine, and it probably would have run a mid to low 13 (considering it did cut a 2.0 60' time).

Well, HTH.
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My Malibu below used a little Crane Energizer 272 flat tappet hydraulic (272/272*, 216/216* @.050, .454/.454" lift, 112* lobe separation angle). The 13.4 @ 107 run was on street tires in fairly hot weather cutting a medium-sucky 2.2 60 foot time. Stock converter, 2.73 rear gears.

With the blower I never made it to the track (I'm rebuilding the engine for more power right now) but I'm fairly certain it would have run a mid-low 12 still on street tires and with even worse traction problems. And the Energizer 272 isn't a blower cam.

I have had a LOT of good results with the Crane Energizer line of cams in mild street performance engines. As long as the exhaust flows good (good heads, good exhaust system) these single pattern cams make good power. Just as important- they don't beat up the valvetrain. Valve springs last practically forever and there is very little valvetrain noise.
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the 406 in my 79 is a Crane hydraulic saturday Night special 302H 06 (Part #270-110111). I run 10.5:1 compression and performer rpm heads. The car runs consistent 12.30s and 40s depending on temp. This is on mt sportsman pros and a stock chassis set up. I know I could get even more out of this setup if I would use bigger heads, but it is consistent, very good on the street, and sounds bad a**.
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My 79 383 has a performer RPM 234/244 @.050 and approx .50 lift.

Runs 13.0 @ 105 with a 600 cfm carb.

Cam is about the largest I'd want to use on the street. I had a larger one in the past and replaced it with this one because it was too radical.
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had a 69 z clone and the first 383 in it had a set of 882 casting heads with a good bit of work, 650dp, factory lt1 intake, comp cams 280 magnum cam(it had like .480 lift on a 112lsa and i think it was 218 or 224 at .50), points dist. w/ accel super coil, 4spd., 4.10 gears, traction bars, hkr super comps., 2.5in flows and on street tires went [email protected] in memphis. next, same 5.7in rod bottom end, dartII sportsmans with a good bit of work done on them, a lunati cam (.554/.567 lift, 106lsa, 310 adv. dur, 244/[email protected]), vic jr.intake, 750 dp that flowed around 830cfm, msd dist. w/ 6al box, holley blue pump w/1/2" line, same headers, prepped turbo 350 w/ 3600 stall, 4.10's, ssm lift bars with 2 extra shims on the right side, adj. front shocks set at 90/10, didnt remove the front sway bar but backed the nut off as far as i could then used another nut to lock it (didnt really see any improvement with this but was suggested by an older local racer), and a set of bfg drag radials i went [email protected] carried the front left tire they said about a foot off the ground for about 6ft. then this sob stole it out of my back yard with a stolen wrecker while i was on a cruise and the car fell off the back of the wrecker and i sold what was left.
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XE 272H
S/R Torquer heads

13.5 - 13.6 at 103.x

1.9 - 2.0 60' on BFG Radial T/A's.
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hey just dont go to big i thought my cam was a 501 501 but just found out its a 575 lift sounds harsh as hell but cant rev over 6000 rpm or i keep bending push rods so im going with a 465 intake 480 exaust should go good with my 350 bored 60 thou over flat top pistons 10 2 1 comp 202 valves elgen valve springs crane push rods roller tip rockers 373 posi with super t 10 4 speed gos like hell not much vacum with 575 lift in it
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350 SBC Cam Info

Crower Solid Roller: Grind # E-26732

Int.: Duration 311 Lift: .683 w/1.6 rockers
Exh.: Duration 313 Lift: .670 w/1.6 rockers

Int.: Duration 275
Exh.: Duration 279

The motor is a 350 SBC, 14.1 Compression with GM Forged Crank, Manley Steel Rods, Ross Aluminum Pistons, Dart Sportman 2 heads, CNC Ported, that flow decent #'s, 930 CFM Double Pumper, Vic Jr. Manifold ported and matched to heads.

Tranny is C&O Transmission Turbo 400 with a Transbrake and 8" 5800 Continental Converter. Rear is a 12 bolt with 4.56 gears with a Multi-leaf slapper bar suspension set up.

FYI the motor made 412 HP to the rear wheels on the chassis dyno which is approx. 550 HP Flywheel (25% driveline loss).

As for what it runs:
1969 Camaro that weighs 3350lbs. The car ran 10.80's @124mph with a 1.48 60 foot at Super Chevy in Pomona, CA last March. Have made some changes and looking to dip into the 10.60-10.70 range.

Anyway good look with your cam choice and if you need some help email me at [email protected]

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Here is our old combo for our 67 rs with the 388 motor

Heads - bowtie cast iron, 68cc shaved to 65cc
Stall - Coan 8" 5500 rpms
Trans - Coan 1.82 Powerglide
Rear end - 4.88 Gears
Cam specs
Lazer P/N 2900116
Duration Adv Int/Exh 290/295
Duration .050 Int/Exh 240/245
Lift Int/Exh .519/.502
Lobe separation 108
Intake lobe centerline 104

We ran consistant 11.10s at 118/119 mph. Shifting at 6500 rpms and going through the traps at 6900 rpms. We also ran special bleed down lifters to inmprove idle performance.
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