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1979 CAMARO 305 SMALL BLOCK questions

Old 11-30-2009, 09:50 PM
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Exclamation 1979 CAMARO 305 SMALL BLOCK questions

i have a 2 barrel 305 and i was wondering what the rated horsepower was on that also i was wondering is it possible to make a 2 barrel a 4 barrel or would i have to just buy a new motor?

also if anyone knows where i can get a good 70-79 camaro body or rolling chassy close to russell springs kentucky plz post a comment
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Old 12-01-2009, 09:15 AM
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Don't know rated hp except that it is so low it doesn't matter. Sure you can pop a 4 bbl on there, stick with a vacuum secondary type. Here is a swap story, plenty more on the net:

Another thing to look out for is the mounting of the alternator bracket rear tab. There are different ones in how/where they bolt to intake. Check in advance if your bracket will work, or get the one you will need, or just modify your existing by cutting/welding to work. And be prepared to get any new fittings needed to replace old corroded ones that might refuse to come off the old intake. New intake might also have additional ports that you might not need/will have to plug. If you don't plan on reinstalling EGR, there are blockoffs available for that too, some new intakes will include them. Also look out for any height issues with the intake you select. Factory 4 bbl or Edelbrock Performer would probably be easiest.

And welcome to the board.
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I think it was 125 or 130 hp...
You can put a 4bbl on there but it won't help that much, the engine would also need new cam, heads, headers... etc.
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Old 12-06-2009, 08:35 PM
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California cars were 125 and the others were 130hp. 4 barrel won't do much on a 305 but drink more gas.
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Originally Posted by angel71rs View Post
Don't know rated hp except that it is so low it doesn't matter.
True story...
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sell it for scrap and buy a lt1 lol, they were in the low 100hp range which is pitiful for a v-8 but thats what u get when u let hippies have there way . i think in the 80's they were only 190hp so who knows , but you best bet is to find a lt1 or a real 350 sbc
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The TPI 305s (my IROC has one) puts out 215hp with the manual IIRC. But it puts out 295 on tq. The carb'd ones only put out like 175 hp in the 80s and 250 tq. the TBI ones in the late 3rd gens were only slightly more powerful than the carb'd ones. Go with a modern drivetrain if you want power. that or a BBC. I'm gathering up parts for a L67 (supercharged 3800) for my 79 than will put out more power than any of the late 70s V8s and puts out more hp than any of the TPI motors (the TPI 350 has it beat on torque but a few mods and I'll have LT1 power easily).
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(supercharged 3800

That seems like a decent idea. I have one in my DD 2002 Bonneville SSEI and with a few cheap mods they can really move. Also, they are cheap to buy, great on gas, and cheap to mod.

Oh yeah, they also last, over on the Bonneville forum these engines are easily reaching 200,000 miles plus. One woman claims to have 515,000 on hers and the engine never touched. ????

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Yeah the main thing will be getting the intake portion of the blower to turn. If I can find one I'd love to have an M90 from Australia off one of their Holden Commodores. Otherwise what I'll have to do is fabricate something since there are no RWD L67s in the states. But yes those 3800s (all of them whether S/C or N/A) are very durable, very efficient, and powerful for a V6. I won't be able to get started on it for quite a while though. But once I do I'll keep updates going on that.
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use a Camaro 3800 intake and go turbo. make about 450-500 if you want. this is my nephew's 3800 turbo Fiero making 518hp on a dyno dynamics dyno, .94 correction factor. it was later found to be spinning the tires from the data logs.

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i need a used carb i'm looking for a good price for a 79
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yeah i got a 79 dont know what it originally was but now it is a custom project car with a 305 i think and edelbroke torker intake manifold and a holley 660cfm 4 barrel carb it still needs to get fine tuned we will see what happens
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so yes i am in the middle of doing a 2 barrel upgrade to a 4 barrel carb we will see how good it works out
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i got a stock 2 barrel carb for a 79 305 i will sell as long as this 4 barrel works out
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4 bbl carb won't do much for your performance. And if it's not tuned properly it's gonna drink a lot more gas (as opposed to a bit more if tuned properly). Hate to break it to you but the 4 bbl isn't going to help you much at all. Those early smog era V8s weren't too great on power. Neither were any early smog era engines for that matter. If you want to stick with a 305 and stay carbed a mid 80s from a 3rd gen is your best bet. I just think you're wasting your time and money for a performance gain that just isn't gonna happen by just changing out the carb. That might sound harsh but somebody has to say it. Might as well be someone that knows 2nd gens (and their motors) pretty well.
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