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Nitrous. Nitrous Works makes a plate kit which I used on my 88. Worked great.
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i put a tbi plate on my 89 tbi terdbird. i ran 17.63 in that car bone stock. the same time as my 93 extended cab. best bang for the buck is headers.increase timing up 2 degrees at a time till it pings. back it off. the best speed increase is with 3.42 gears(anymore and the motor will run out of steam at the track). the tbi plate can put 50hp safely. but it will cost 600 bucks. headers will go on a 350 later
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Originally Posted by TBI_InYourEye View Post
I had a 91 RS with the 305 TBI. I wasted a lot of money trying to make it fast....and I still got beat by pickup trucks and altimas and whatever else happened to line up next to me; and lost several MPG in the process.

My advice is this. Enjoy the car the way it is. They handle really nicely. They look good. They sound good. They aren't fast. There are a couple guys around here who champion the things, but they've dumped serious coin into thier cars.

You'd be better off saving the money up and buying a car with more potential when you're tired of that car.

EDIT: whatever you do, don't buy that Hypertech Chip. If you just HAVE to get rid of some money, give it to a charity. It really is a terrible waste. I already made that mistake for you.
+1 I also had a 91 RS and dumped alot of money into it....i.e. 350tbi, injectors, tune, posi, 3.42, headers, cat back, open air element etc....All that and it only ran [email protected] in the 1/8. Not even lt1 territory. However, I agree with the other posters. Enjoy the car. Put some decent exhaust on it, open air element and focus on appearance mods. I put a cowl hood and z28 spoiler on mine and it looked sharp. Enjoy the car, realize what it is, what it is not and have fun. Goodluck!
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Re: 1992 Camaro RS 305 TBI Cheap Mods that add performance?

Now I know I am no mechanic or super smart guy, but I do know a few things about how engines work, I own two Camaros ones a 95 3.4L v6 and a 92 RS 305 TBI, regardless of what everyone says the common problem is that people are trying to make a drag car with a few bolt on mods. Well I have a close friend who has two drag cars, they didn't spend a measly few hundred bucks to get a 10 second car.... so why the hell do you think you can? The truth is whether you own a 4th or a 3rd gen Camaro the common problem with them is that they are horribly suffocated. Open the air intake, and run the headers into a high flow catback exhaust. that will give you the most jump in hp, if you want to go further look into EPROM coding, its a long process but worth it if you want to get the most out of every gear and its probably within your budget. Yes the 305 isn't the fastest engine out there but build it the way you want to drive it... as for mine I just want a few bolt on mods with a re-programmed EPROM so I can get the jump on any kid in daddy's car or some kid with a body kit and muffler.... also, the Camaro RS has great handling so if you wanna have fun without spending a ridiculous amount of money, upgrade your suspension, and go get sideways. Its fun to shred up some tires in a 21 year old muscle car. The key here is to enjoy the car the way it is or make it suitable for the way you want to drive it.
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Re: 1992 Camaro RS 305 TBI Cheap Mods that add performance?

I have an 88 Firebird TBI 305 It has catback and nice dual exhaust on it 5 speed stick. I am thinking about putting headers on it. I owned an 84 camaro w 5.0 carbureted, and factory exhaust automatic. First My 88 sounds bad *** gets dirty looks from old people, and pruds scares children just the way I like it. It has alot more power than the 84 w stock. Also The Fbody cars are not drag cars they are not quick off the start especially w a 5 speed but the are fast. 1st gear takes me to 55mph. there is a lowl in the power band of first gear.However in between 60mph and 120mph is only a matter of seconds. This car was never meant to drag race it was meant for high speed racing, and handling and of course strange new emissions laws. Put a cat back on it otherwise it's gutless. I love my 88 Firebird.
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Re: 1992 Camaro RS 305 TBI Cheap Mods that add performance?

Originally Posted by blakefowler10 View Post
I'm I college student with a crappy job. What are some cheap ways to make my 1992 Camaro RS fast? I was thinking a peformance chip from hypertech, new exhaust cut off underneath the seats. Not sure about headers and roller rockers but if that is the cheapest way to make it fast give me some suggestions. I'm just starting off with my first Camaro and I'm trying to learn as much as I can. Thanks..
ok ive owned six of theses here one easy way dont know if it will work for u, rewire fuel pump to fusebox to come on when key turns on 15 watts. Now i have a 305 tbi i put in 5 speed and i took out the chip from computer and left it out. Runs at 600 700 rpm idle.
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