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1991 Z28 Fuel line/pump issues??

Last Saturday, my car was running fine in the morn, then I took it out in the afternoon; it ran, but then stuttered and stalled while driving a very short distance and wouldn't start again.

Took to a shop; got a new fuel pump; it ran 2 miles and did the same thing again.

Please help with any suggestion on what this problem could be.

Also the electric ignition coil was replaced & my mechanic thinks it might be a clogged fuel filter.
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Re: 1991 Z28 Fuel line/pump issues??


It sounds like your fuel pressure regulator could be bad. Some of the tall tale symptoms of a faulty fuel pressure regulator include an engine that will turn over but not continue running. Or, it may run for a minute giving the driver ease but then die when it is shifted into gear or driven for a few miles. The latter symptom sounds pretty equitable to what you are experiencing.

I would have a mechanic inspect the fuel pressure regulator to determine whether or not it's gone bad in your Camaro. For your general reference, the fuel pressure regulator is ref #240 in the diagram below:

*diagram courtesy of gmpartsgiant.com; all rights reserved
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Re: 1991 Z28 Fuel line/pump issues??

I'm new here. I have the same symptoms with my 91 Z28 w/5.7. All new ignition, fuel pump, filter. I'm still having those symptoms. I hooked up a cheap fuel pressure tester and found out why it is cheap when fuel filled up in the gauge and ran all over. What a mess. I'm down to the pressure regulator or the ECM. I suspect that also cause sometimes my coolant fan clicks on and off when I turn the key on. Thanks Hank for the input and diagram. That is my next replacement and will also change to new injectors while it is apart. Good luck joegun
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Re: 1991 Z28 Fuel line/pump issues??

I also have a 1991 5.0L. It will run fine for a while, miles even. And then will try to stall. When I give it gas it will rev up and stay there. It will be around 1000RPM in drive and 1500 in idle. I cleaned the Throttle body (it wasn't that dirty) and it ran fine for a couple mile trip. But when I got it back into the garage and put it into neutral it spiked to 2500 RPM. I applied the gas and it only went down to 2000 RPM in neutral so I shut it off.

I have been looking at the forums. And there are a lot of talk about checking the throttle body, TPS, IAC, fuel filter, and fuel pump.

Since cleaning the throttle body was the easiest, I tried that first. I am thinking of attacking the fuel filter next since I am the original owner and it was never changed.

What do you guys think?
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