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2017 Camaro SS as long term rental: any way to minimize tire noise?

got a free upgrade to a 2017 Camaro SS for this trip.

but the tire/road noise is almost unbearable on any surface, I have only found one stretch of road (recently paved fresh black asphalt) that was actually quiet.

tires are Run Flats, is that just the cost of having run flats?

TPMS reported 34 rear/35 front as "normal" is that correct? whats best to lower road noise?

what do you guys think of the exhaust note?
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Re: 2017 Camaro SS as long term rental: any way to minimize tire noise?

Get the exact manufacturer/model of the tire, and go to Tire Rack and look up the user feedback. One of the criteria is "road noise", rated from 1 to 10. Then click on the button that allows you to compare the tire you are looking at to others with the same specs - run flat, all season, etc. GM recommended inflation pressure is on the label on the driver's side door frame.

Unfortunately, there are very few regulars left on this site, other than a 1/2-dozen 4th Gen LT1 diehards, and one LS1 owner. No 5th, no 6th, no V6, nada. It isn't IB that killed this site. It is the fact that nothing was ever really promoted on the site, beyond the 4th Gen. No real planning for 5th or 6th. As 4th Gen owners drift away, no one new is replacing them. Then that limited leadership sold off to IB, appointed an "Administrator" who come here about once every 3 months, says "hello" in the few posts in "New Member Into", and disappears. I can't tell you how many times we've tried on the Admin/Moderator forum, to outline what needs to be done to resurrect the site. Any suggestions fall on deaf ears.
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Re: 2017 Camaro SS as long term rental: any way to minimize tire noise?

A coworker has a 2016 SS with the optional exhaust. I don't particularly care for the sound.
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