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Give me ideas

I got my camaro a while back. 6 speed auto with paddles. It has headers with straight pipes no cats or mufflers. AFM delete with a Texas speed cam. Also has a lightened crank, bigger throttle body, and a cold air intake. Its tuned by janetty with a SCT flash tuner. I want to put a new cam in, but I'm not entirely sure how to do so, or what to use.
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Re: Give me ideas

Not a lot of active 5th Generation owners on this site, unfortunately.
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Re: Give me ideas

It has a lightweight crank, but a stock cam? That is absurdly unlikely.

Your engine is the L99. It has AFM, which is the system that disables four of the cylinders when the engine is not under load. It also has variable valve timing (VVT). Both of these features affect your cam selection.

You can choose to disable AFM and/or VVT if you like, which in turn opens up a variety of more aggressive cam options at the expense of fuel economy (AFM) or breadth of your power band (VVT). With VVT, you also have the option of reducing the total variability available to the system.

That said, you'll get better advice from us, and in general better results, if you tell us your goals and plans for the car, and then give us an idea of your budget.
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