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Exclamation Going back for another Camaro focus group! PROVIDE YOUR INPUT!

[UPDATE 5-8-08] - The focus group is scheduled to be happening the weekend of May 17.

Originally Posted by Fbodfather View Post
(by the way -- the "12 disciples of which there are 15" will be coming to Detroit in May -- and they may have some impressions for you once they return home.) (.......that is, if we can get them to stop grinning wildly....)
This has been confirmed. Even though they haven't said exactly what will be happening, I think we all know. I can't tell you how excited I am right now, I can't sit still.

Of course, expect a full report here like our previous entries:

But I don't expect the word "concept" to be a part of it.

Like the last time I attended the focus group (linked above) let's use this thread as a community to pull together as best as possible. I will compile some of the more common elements and I will hopefully be able to present them during the clinic.

I will also be reading some of the replies in upcoming CamaroZ28.Com Podcasts.

  • I think that the most important part to remember this time is that we expect to be driving an intent for production Camaro, which may be a mule or even one of the first test cars off the assembly line. We are unclear on that, it I think it is safe to assume one or the other. Please understand that your input is valuable but we do not know what can and cannot be changed at this point. The car is roughly 80% done at this point. Consider that is how far along it is in the development process and present your thoughts accordingly. Also, complaining about something that clearly cannot be changed is discouraged.

  • Please make it as brief as possible. One sentence with a couple dozen words is all we are asking for, no more than that please.

  • Due to the nature of this idea and because it will be hard enough to compile the results, please consider this as a "No B.S." thread. There is no room for replying to each other directly about each other's opinion and turning to arguments. This one isn't a conversation, it is meant to be a running list. Any reply that is disingenuous to the cause of this will be deleted. Nothing personal, we just need things to be a certain way with this one.

  • Please leave a realistic reply. We all want the next Camaro to run 10s on the drag strip and break records on the road course while getting 40mpg. We also know it is impossible so let's not waste anyone's time asking for it. Remember, the next Camaro has to appeal to a WIDE range of buyers, not just the hardcore performance oriented.

  • Do your homework here. For example, don't bother asking for T-tops, it has been made clear that they are not able to be done and at this point, couldn't be changed anyway. Again, we need to be realistic so see the first point in this list above.

  • This isn't meant to be any guarantee that any ideas offered can or will be used or even presented. We may not even be have the opportunity to convey these ideas to the people holding the clinic. We may only be able to answer specific questions with direct answers. We just don't know how much freedom we will have with giving input, but this thread is in the hopes that we can collect the popular consensus that might help them shape what the car will be.

  • It doesn't have to be a feature that you want or don't want, it can be positive reinforcement or constructive criticism. You can say that you like certain parts about it or that you hope that something changes before production is started. It can be a concept such as hopefully making the engine bay easier to work on. As long as it is not far-fetched, it may be of value.

    (This list may be added to, depending on the kind of results posted.)
I know these guidelines might make it tough, but it will weed out the unrealistic ideas or BS so we can get to the core of what we as a community hope the next Camaro is. This is potentially everyone's chance to shape that, so make it realistic, make it honest and make it count.
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Please ask them to use asymmetrical axle-shaft diameters as on the Zr1 for V8 Camaro`s to prevent wheelhop which is a major concern for me.

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Thumbs up

Super post, especially the "Drive By" eventhough it's not a production vehicle. The vehicle looks fast for rolling by at 25 mph!

Single tone, plain silver looks ruling on this Camaro... Wow. I can't imagine seeing one with duo stripes. Awesome!

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PLEASE do something about the reverse lights.

Make the top-of-the-line model the SS. Please make it have more goodies over the other models (unlike the 4th gens).

Make the ride more "sporting" than that of the platform it's based off. I am bored with my GTO. The "harshness" and unrefinement of tmy 4th gens made the driving experience much more engaging, even with LS1's power compared to my GTO.

Those are my top 3.
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I Vote Interior

What I would like to see is a modern interior.

It's not a total deal breaker for me, but from what I have seen so far, that is the part of the car that I don't get excited about.
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I would be very, VERY interested in a Rally Sport (RS) package focused on the following:

-Base-V8 (or possibly a comparably powerful ~350hp+ turbo-6...IF it weighs less and sounds nice)

-performance suspension...not necessarily the HIGHEST one offered, but not the base...think Z51 corvette style.

-good brake package.

-any possible combination of options that weighs the least, IE: no leather, no huge subwoofers, maybe smaller diameter wheels if they're styled nicely, manual trans, no sunroof

Not a 'stripper' per-se (though of course I'd love that too...maybe if the vehicle proves a high enough seller they can offer something that focused for those of us who'd prefer it), but more focused on the curvies than the 1/4. If it could be kept in the mid-13s but come in at mustang-GT weight/price (so like, what, 28k?) I'd be a very very happy man. So....Mustang level thrust with the camaro's awesome looks and far better suspension set up, basically. Don't really care what engine would be needed to get there.
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How about releasing some photos / renderings of what the convertible will look like with the top up....... I'm so undecided on which way to go.....
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I cant wait to hear how things went.

When is it?
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Originally Posted by boxerperson View Post
-performance suspension...not necessarily the HIGHEST one offered, but not the base...think Z51 corvette style.

-good brake package.

Also I'm concerned about interior headroom. When purchasing my 4th gen... inspite of me setting my power driver's seat at its lowest setting, I had to go with t-tops because my head hit the roof on the coupe.

I don't want this to be the case with the 5th gen. I DON'T plan on ordering the sunroof or convertible.

Also I want a stripe package! (e.g. like the convertible concept.)
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After having seen(and touched a pre-prod).. here are my thoughts/ideas..

Since there is no driveshaft tunnel, make the back seat a bench or close to a bench. Bolsters/buckets in the back make it feel smaller/clostrophobic.

Since there was no back seats in it, it was hard to judge rear leg room, Understand its a coupe, but make it at least bearable(it looked tight with no seats).

Battery in the trunk (if its not already)

Keep the dash/door panels/console as it is, it much more functional than the pics make it look.

Not worried about performance with this thing.....
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Visual and exclusive disticntions between the trim levels.
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Structural enablers built into the car to allow an aftermarket "true hardtop" conversion--ie lose the B-pillar-- using convertible hardware ala the 4th gen T-Top conversions.
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i agree with what most have said (i.e SS top model, with a z28 and a base)

but you know, its always the little things that win people over...

small stuff that makes the ride.. idk intriguing? like heads up display or

the ability to change the color of your gauges (like mustangs!). thats what the camaro needs those little detail add-ons
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LED Turn Indicators in the Side Mirrors. IMO Amber would provide the best visual contrast when signaling a lane change.
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I want to see someone from the focus group drive a Camaro with a HUD and paddle shifters. Please report back as to how well it works or doesn't.

I would be very interested in a hybrid given the current gas prices.
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