Camaro Podcast #499 – Get Your Camaro Ready for Spring

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Camaro Podcast
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  • It is time to start getting your Camaro ready for Spring…for those of you who have to put them away for the winter.  We go over some tips and tricks to get your Camaro ready for Spring, as well it getting it all shined up.
  • We prefer Zaino Showcar Polish for our Camaro’s.
  • How Much Can You Abuse A Rental Camaro In 24 Hours?  Our friends at Jalopnik posted this article and we discuss.
  • Do you like fast cars? Do you like beer? Well, check out our new project we are working on called Gears and Beers. Let us know what you think. Episode 5 of the Gears and Beers show is now released!
  • We had three voicemails and one e-mail for this week. Keep your voicemails and e-mail coming. You can always hit us up on Facebook and Twitter as well.


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