20 Questions With the Camaro “Big 3”

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11) CamaroZ28.Com: Many people do not understand why the 4th gen F-cars were not heavily advertised. How much advertising can people expect to see for the new Camaro?

Scott Settlemire: People have to remember that GM is like many other business or families with only so much money available to spend, which has been emphasized even more in recent days regarding our 2007 performance. Back in the late 90’s and earlier this decade, Camaro’s future was bleak for many reasons. Whether correct or not, decisions were made to focus on other areas, reducing the amount for advertising.

John Fitzpatrick: When the new Camaro debuts, it will have a much more generous budget to work from. However, advertising is much more different today as it was even seven years ago. Instead of national TV ads, you’ll see a much bigger presence in other areas such as internet ads and events. The goal will be simple: be where the consumers can easily find you.

12) CZ28: Can people also expect more Camaro product placement in movies, video games, game shows, etc. in the future?

Scott: I’d certainly think so! Transformers was declared “Promotion of the Year” by Automotive News…and let’s face it, we have millions of children that may not have known what a Camaro was until Bumblebee helped to save the world!

13) CZ28: With the release of competitor vehicle information like the Challenger, people get frustrated when there is little Camaro information being released. Why is Camaro information not being released as soon or as frequently?

Scott: Well, Challenger will be available for sale sooner than Camaro and when you consider that the Challenger is coming off the Chrysler 300 platform, it’s easier to understand why they’ll beat us to market faster. Remember this: the Camaro is on an all-new architecture and will be built in a plant that has been entirely revamped. That takes a little more time! Furthermore, we should not sell any Camaro until every I is dotted and T is crossed. We MUST sweat every detail in order to give you a world-class automobile.

Cheryl: The Challenger will be available for sale soon and basically comes one way: with the 6.1L Hemi V8. So of course you are going to start to see detailed information on Challenger and what is available. Unfortunately we still have a ways to go with the Camaro.

14) CZ28: Is there any information available on expected first year production numbers?

Scott: We’ll release that information later in the year.

15) CZ28: The lack of T-Tops and the requirement of a B-pillar are two elements that are among the most talked about with disappointment. What is the definitive reason behind both?

Scott: Structural rigidity, quality, and crashworthiness.

For those who want a T-roof and the absence of a B-pillar: You are preaching to the Choir director on this one but I also know WHY we have to make those hard decisions.

Cheryl: I say Amen! I’m in that choir that didn’t want a B-pillar.

16) CZ28: When the concept was designed and developed, was it designed for any possibility or any intent of production or was it purely a concept at that stage?

Scott: You betcha we hoped it would be approved!

Cheryl: I have to believe that 99% of us were thinking production car when the concept car was designed, but it was not officially approved. Just like any business, there has to be a good business case to go along with the product. Thankfully we were able to make it all work!

17) CZ28: What color will YOURS be?

Scott: Oh boy, that’s a hard one. Oh, I get it. You want me to spill what some of the colors may be. I’d say “black over white like a ’93 Pace Car”. Naturally we don’t plan on doing such a paint job so I guess I’d better get out the spray gun.

Cheryl: Well, Scott knows me so well, and therefore he knows that black over white is my favorite too! But I’ve owned only black cars for the past 20+ years so I’d have to say black will be my choice (safe answer!). Good trick question on your part, guys!

18) CZ28: If you could say one thing to the person out there who might be considering owning a new Camaro when it comes out but is still undecided or it was just a passing thought, what would it be?

Scott: First, go to a Camaro Show and see the passion that these cars instill. Second, go drive one! You’ll be sold.

Cheryl: Just look at it. How can you resist? If you’re in the market for an eye-catching car, with great performance and great value, you have to look at the Camaro.

19) CZ28: If you could say one thing to the person out there who once considered owning a new Camaro when it comes out but ran out of patience and has purchased something else or is now planning on purchasing something else, what would it be?

Scott: Hold off or buy something used. There are always a couple of “orphaned” Camaros and Firebirds out there looking for a good home.

Cheryl: I think when they start seeing the new Camaro out on the road they’ll find a way to get out of their current deal and into a Camaro.

20) CZ28: If you could say one thing to the person out there who has waited patiently through thick and thin (AKA the “Faithful”) and will definitely own a new Camaro when it comes out, what would it be?

Scott: We dedicate this new Camaro to YOU, the enthusiasts. YOU are the reason the Camaro is roaring back with a vengeance! YOU were the one who could have said “I’m tired of waiting!” but you didn’t. You could have said “Scott, I’m TIRED of ‘having faith’. GM isn’t talking. I’m outa here”, but you didn’t. This is a celebration for ALL of us. YOU are the ones who wrote the letters and kept the dream alive!

Cheryl: I can’t say it any better than Scott, amen!

Special thanks to Scott, John, and Cheryl for taking the time to answer our questions and set the record straight!

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