The 1999 Camaro SS

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SLP Engineering is at it again.

The new Camaro SS is on its way, and is bringing some new optional styling queues with it. We were fortunate enough to be the first enthusiasts outside of SLP to attend a promotional photo shoot, and here’s what we observed….

First of all, the look that everyone loves about the Camaro SS is still standard on the SLP package. The aggressive hood with functional ram-air still remains, as well as the uplevel spoiler with LED third-eye brake lights. For 1999 SLP will offer two exciting new options that will be shipped from SLP direct to the ordering dealership. Those options are then installed by the dealer and are fully warranted by SLP. Here we got a chance to see these two exiting new options.

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Coming at you, the Camaro SS with SLP’s new high-gloss grill looks radically different. Instead of the standard black plastic insert, SLP’s version offers aggressive open ports on the right and left sides of the grill. It also has the SS logo boldly positioned in the center, letting the world know you are driving a mighty ’99 Camaro SS.

Another new optional feature of the SS is the rear of the car, which is more than likely the part of the car you will see the most. A new version of SLP’s exhaust has four exhaust tips, all positioned in the center directly under the car. This gives the SS a completely different look from all other Camaros currently on the road. On both sides of the exhaust tips are rear fascia pieces that allow the exhaust tips to seamlessly integrate with the rest of the car. The fascia pieces wrap around the rear pan and head toward the rear wheels. We think that the new body pieces finish out the rear of the car a little more. There is still the distinctive and familiar rumble to the exhaust, which adds 10 horsepower to the car. Total everything up, and the new Camaro SS with SLP’s dealer-direct exhaust has a total of 330 horsepower. Quite impressive for a car that you can buy right off the showroom floor with both warranty protection from GM and SLP.

There is also good news for registered 1998 Camaro SS owners. If you are one of the lucky ones to own a ’98 SS, SLP’s grill and rear exhaust treatment can be ordered and installed on your car at any Chevrolet dealership. Don’t forget, the options descibed above are only available direct from SLP to the dealer. Production of the grill is slated to begin in September, with the exhaust following shortly. SLP’s optional dual-dual exhaust is still available for those who still want a traditional look to their ’98 or ’99 SS.

In short the Camaro SS continues to remain awe-inspiring year after year. SLP has always done a fantastic job of making the SS powerful and attractive and continues to do so with the new 1999 Camaro SS.

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