The 1998 Camaro SS

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The source shall remain nameless, but a few members of the Toronto F-body Motorsports Group got to see the 1998 Camaro SS tonight, live and in person. Actually, it was a prototype, one of only three running around, and the only one in Canada. This one was not totally finished as it was still running a regular style LS1 induction system (no ram air). Externally it is exactly how the ’98 SS will be though, so the pictures are good.

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I must say the car looks awesome in person! I have really grown to like the new front end after looking at this car for 3 hours tonight.

As you can see from the photos, the hood scoop is slightly different, it’s not as wide as the 1996 and 1997 SSs. We had three SSs there from our internet group tonight to compare it with, two ’96s and a ’97. The rear wing is noticeably different, with two support pieces coming down in the center, making it look similar to the 1991-1992 style Z28 wing from the rear.

The exhaust note was a lot quieter than I expected (and very smooth!), and this car even has the optional dual outlet exhaust (two tips on each side). The standard exhaust will be a single 3″ pipe out the drivers side. My source claims 320 horsepower for the standard SS, and 330 with the optional exhaust. The rims now have the Chevy Bowtie in the center cap as well, a new change for ’98.

Options include: Hurst shifter, dual outlet exhaust (looks similar to a Hooker catback but with slanted tips), Level II suspension, chrome wheels, engine oil cooler, floor mats, and car cover. Not all SSs get the dash plaques, it is now an option so you have to make sure to specify if you want them. Unlike the previous year’s models, the convertible SSs are now available with 17″ wheels, but not the Level II suspension. Oh yeah, I was also told that traction control is available on the SSs now.

For those that don’t know, the SS will still be made by SLP, as well as the Firehawk, but the WS6 is being done by ASC.

It was quite an exciting night for me, getting to see this rare car in person and all, and it was also strange that the people at the car hangout we were at did not really react to it all that much. A few people came over to see it, but not many. Considering the dealers in Canada don’t even have any ’98s at all, let alone SSs, this was surprising to me.

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