The 35th Anniversary Camaro SS

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35th Anniversary Camaro Logo

It’s finally here! The 35th Anniversary Camaro SS has been unveiled at the GM at Carlisle/Camaros at Carlisle event, and is now officially available for you to see.

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Estimated Production Figures

  • 3,000 units will be built for the United States
  • 152 units will be built for Canada
  • All will be SS models only


  • Choice of Coupe or Convertible
  • All options are standard including traction control, 12-disc CD changer, rear defogger and removable roof panels on coupe and Hurst shifter when 6-speed manual transmission is specified


The 35th Anniversary Camaro WILL NOT HAVE AN LS6 ENGINE, regardless of rumors to the contrary

Special Trim and Features

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  • Dual Heritage Stripes on hood, roof band and trunk (roof band on coupe is body color)
  • Special two-tone interior
  • Custom “35th Anniversary” embroidery on front seat headrests
  • Special wheel treatment
  • “35th Anniversary” badge on front fenders
  • Painted rear differential
  • Trophy mat
  • Owner portfolio


The car will be available through select Chevrolet dealerships who will receive specific ordering information by July 1, 2001


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When the alleged spy image of the 35th Anniversary Camaro SS surfaced it left many, including us, wondering how accurate the image was. When we received the image we immediately put in a call to our contact at GM. When asked if this image was genuine, our contact said that “GM could not confirm nor deny the existence nor the accuracy of the image”, and then grumbled as an end to the conversation. We now know that the image was a fake, or could have possibly been an image of a 35th Anniversary prototype. At this point, no one seems to know where the “spy image” originated from

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