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In a steady stream of rumors regarding what is happening in the war to continue production of the Camaro and Firebird, it’s very hard to know what is the truth and what is not. For your interest, we are providing the following information not based on rumors but based on fact and deductions from fact.

Purely from an enthusiast standpoint we have deducted a few thoughts on this based on what we have been told. First of all, everyone remembers how there was no production 1983 Corvette, and at the time there were concerns that it was a sign of a stop in production. After that, two generations of world class Corvettes were produced, the C4 and the C5. Having said that, there could quite possibly be a gap in production for a year or two for the Camaro and Firebird as well, only to have it return as a new generation of the cars. Also, if you look back on things, the Camaro and Firebird are the only rear-wheel drive V8 powered vehicles that have remained true to their brand character from the beginning. For example, the Ford Mustang was built on the Pinto chassis for a while, and we have seen the Thunderbird go through several character changes. There are many inside GM that are pulling to continue to with what they started out as: rear-wheel drive V8 powered cars for the Camaro and Firebird brand name. With what we are not quite sure, but we do know that the SSR is absolutely not planned to be a replacement for the Camaro and Firebird. One thing is for sure, it is highly unlikely that the Camaro and Firebird name will be dropped permanently.

As far as when the LS6 will come into play, probably never while the cars are being produced at the St. Therese assembly plant, but there could quite possibly be some post-production Camaros and/or Firebirds with special LS6 engine packages, but who will produce them and when also remains to be seen.

This information is to be considered accurate but not necessarily definite as of September 23, 2000.

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