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Throughout the years that CamaroZ28.Com has been in service, many members went from just learning how to tune a car to full-time racers.

jordonmusserbio.jpgLong-time CamaroZ28.Com member Jordon Musser has a bright future in racing and will be behind the wheel of a Riley Technologies 2010 Camaro GS race car for Momentum Mortorsports as well as leading the team in 2009

If you don’t know who Jordon Musser is yet, his bio will get you up to speed:

Jordon always dreamed of racing cars for a living. Like many, his budget wasn’t big enough to support his passion. During his high school years he was a national championship winning RC car racer, and an avid Camaro enthusiast. He purchased his first Camaro with a V6 soon after his 16th birthday. He quickly went to racing both drag racing and autocrossing. About a year later he jumped up to a Camaro Z28 with a V8 and nothing has been the same since. He quickly began modifying it, winning numerous autocrosses and tearing up track days across the country. He developed LT1 engines in his garage that were superior to anything the pro shops were offering; running 10-second quarter mile times @ 130+mph plus without power adders.

jordonmussercamaro.jpgThis success allowed him to put together enough money to start kart racing, as he knew that was the most logical step toward a career in racing. On an extremely tight budget, Jordon purchased an aging kart chassis and a used Rotax motor. Under the tutelage of long time friend Erik Kullenberg and no less than 8 months later, Jordon won his way into the Rotax Grand Nationals by virtue of winning the Rock Island Grand Prix. Arriving to the Rotax Grand Nationals in style with a borrowed Suburban and a borrowed driving suit, Jordon dominated the race and took home his first of 4 consecutive Rotax National titles. Still to this day no one except Jordon has been able to win the Senior Max class more than once.

jordonmusserkart.jpgJordon’s talents did not go unnoticed. Skip Barber selected him as a “Sweet 16” driver. Formula BMW sent him to Spain for their licensing program. However, without proper funding he was not able to capitalize on these opportunities as he wishes he could have. Jordon bounced in and out of cars over the years before finally landing a full-time drive in Grand Am with Bailey Motorsports but budgets grew thin and Jordon was out of a driver’s seat.

jordonmusserbmw.jpgFortunately Jordon had finished school during all this and began his journey as a mechanical engineer. Moving rapidly up through the corporate ranks, Jordon now finds himself the lead for the mechanical engineering department and a bright future ahead. Then on May 5th, 2009 Ray Buter, the president of Momentum Motorsports, gave Jordon the call he had been dreaming of – the chance to sign as lead driver and join the team as not only a driver but also as part of the team’s leadership (read the press release).

helmet.gifJordon still is an engineer by day, but with the help of Ray’s business leadership, Jordon leads the technical development and does driving duties for Momentum Motorsports on the weekends. Momentum Motorsports has chosen to run 2010 Camaro’s in the Koni Challenge GS class. Momentum will be the first team to race these cars and are the team to watch in 2009!

Momentum Race Group Announces 2009 Grand-Am KONI Sports Car Challenge Team

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