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Talking Welcome to the West South Central forum!

We had a relatively busy forum for just Texas members before, so now that we have members from other surrounding states, I hope that continues and gets better!

And for those who have not read the Announcement about the change, here it is again:
Originally Posted by JasonD View Post
You may have noticed the the regional sections have been rearranged, and it is for the better! Here's why...

When we first started this site 13+ years ago, the regional sections were great when people had a post that dealt with their area. Now that people from this site and others have spawned off from the regional sections and started their own club and regional sites, regional traffic dropped a bit. We are okay with this as we always encourage people do do what they can to enhance the entire Camaro community and grow it overall as long as they still come back here to contribute and say hello when appropriate.

We realized that it was time for is to merge the forums into more standardized geographic regions, exactly like what is in our Clubs and Link Directory.

On first thought, this may make things more confusing but it is actually more structured and hopefully will encourage more posting as each post can reach a wider regional area, but doesn't necessarily have to, and here is how...

We have also added the option to include a state specific prefix in a new thread so when people are posting and/or scanning the forum they can recognize which state the post is directed to in particular, if any. You will see this option to the left of the thread title area when creating a new thread. (Try it now in YOUR regional forum!) Also, you can now edit your own threads to add the prefix if you like. This also eliminates some folks who didn't quite fit into one regional forum or another. Now there is a state for everyone here!

Each regional forum can also has a direct link to the corresponding region in the Clubs Directory. If you belong to a club that is not listed, please submit it!

So if you use the regional sections, WE NEED YOUR HELP!!
  • There's a good chance you will see a thread that doesn't fit in the forum since the restructuring. If you do, just click the button in the first post of that thread it with the message of "Move to correct regional forum" and a moderator will happily move it with our gratitude.
  • (Again) If you belong to a club that is not listed in the Clubs Directory, please submit it!
  • Do you think your regional forum needs its own calendar of events? No problem! I can make one for you! Just PM me with the request!
  • If you have any questions about how to use the prefixes, etc, just ask!
We hope you enjoy the new regional structure and encourage you to use it!

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It sux. Everybody wants to be a part of Texas.

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Blame Debler on the order of the name
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