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Priorities - What would You Do First?

Slowly and expensively going through car... Car is a 92k mile 2000 Firebird Y87. Recently did lower intake manifold, FPR, and AC Compressor as original parts failed.

1) Power steering pump is not making undue noise but is leaking at seals, not enough to start dripping in driveway but around pump area and hoses looks a little furry. I would put a new pump, hoses, and fluid...

2) Differential has signs of slight leaking in past. Rear makes a little noise that sounds like a bearing roar to me. Was considering doing the gasket, oil, and limited slip additive myself. Should I just have a shop look at it instead and re-bearing it if needed?

Car is low mile city daily driven - not usually over 40-50 MPH. Gonna get to both of these eventually but $$$ doesn't grow on trees so looking for input. I am not going to LS swap it.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Priorities - What would You Do First?

...Rear end roar can simply be the wrong fluid and/or additive. Granted mine's a Z28, but the ONLY fluid it likes is the OEM GM Synthetic w/GM additive. I've tried Mobil 1 w/GM additive, Redline w/GM additive, and Valvoline Synthetic w/GM additive and they all had a slight roar until I just went back with the high dollar GM synthetic gear oil. And by high dollar, usually $25+ per bottle and you need 2...
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