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Webmail Issues(Not Receiving E-mail)

I noticed today that my CZ28 e-mail wasn't receiving messages. Originally, I thought it might be an outage issue, and it wasn't a big deal because I don't use the account all that often. However, this afternoon I became a little curious as to what exactly was going on, and decided to do a quick test. I sent an e-mail from my CZ28 account, and didn't encounter any problems. Yet, when I attempted to send an e-mail to the account this was the error I received in reply:

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:


Technical details of permanent failure:
DNS Error: Domain name not found

Anyone know if this is a known issue?

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Re: Webmail Issues(Not Receiving E-mail)

This issue actually got me to log in for the first time in years.

Same exact issue. I have been using my Team Mail account for 10+ years, and it has never had a single issue.

I created a 2nd Team Mail account today, and I can e-mail to/from it to my main Team Mail account. But I can't send/receive e-mail outside of it - not from my work e-mail, not from Gmail, my normal Ebay notices aren't coming in - nothing.

My account also receives e-mail pretty much every day, but I've gotten nothing since the 17th. There is no tech support to contact unless you want to pay $25!

Edit: WOW - did post counts ever get purged...I used to have thousands!

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Re: Webmail Issues(Not Receiving E-mail)

Thanks for also checking this issue Joe. I logged in this morning, and actually had new e-mails in my CZ28 inbox.

I did see that the error I received could occur from having a faulty MX(mail exchange) record that isn't directing e-mail to everyone.net's servers. Not sure if it was that or just a glitch that got fixed, but I'm glad to see new e-mails coming in.
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Re: Webmail Issues(Not Receiving E-mail)

This should hopefully be all fixed now.
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