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Exclamation ** READ THIS BEFORE Posting In This Forum!! **

BEFORE posting a question or suggestion in this forum OR e-mailing us, FIRST do one of the following:


  2. USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION and search this forum as your question may have already been asked and answered in the past.

If neither one of those help...please consider the following.

When you post in this thread, here's what happens:
  1. We receive notification that you created the thread
  2. One of us reads the threads and determines if it is a problem, a bug report, or a suggestion.
  3. If it is a problem or a bug report, we try to reproduce it, but we will need complete information (see below)
  4. If it is a suggestion, we read every word carefully and consider the benefits as well as any drawbacks, the possibility, the cost implications, etc. and move forward from there.

Often problem/bug reports don't include enough information. This means we have go back and ask for details so we can investigate. If you want to increase the odds we can fix an issue quickly, help us out by providing as much information up front as possible.

A great problem/bug report include the following:
  1. What were you trying to do?
  2. What did you click on or do last?
  3. What happened / what did you see? Screen shots are a HUGE help here! (use Photobucket, etc., or your gallery in your User CP)
  4. What browser and operating system are you using?
PLEASE NOTE! If you are using any kind of adblock/ad removal script we CAN NOT and WILL NOT be able to offer ANY assistance as they are usually the cause of the problem!

A sentence for each is often just fine. As mentioned above, screen shots incredibly useful, as we can see exactly what you saw.

We work hard to help members enjoy their experience here, but if you want to improve the odds we can fix your issue fast, please take a extra minute to write a problem/bug report that's easier for us to use. Thanks!
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