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Z28500 1979 z28

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Z28500 1979 z28

My username Z28500 is all over the place in lots of forums and emails although my horsepower is really about 535, not 500

I have a couple of threads on, also Glastron boats and Cloudynights and
not to mention some gun sites and a few other astronomy sites as well.
Just rebuilt the Super T-10 in that Z and almost got the 5th engine finished, which is a low filled right hand dipstick small block with Dart 200cc Iron Eagles Ferrea 2.02 intake and Manley Race Master 1.60 Exhaust valves Crane split duration roller cam which I usually don't say too much info more than that about the cam, but it has 1.5 Crane roller rockers over it. along with SRP 4.040 flat tops, Eagle 6" rods and a steel 3.750 crank 10/10 under Tricked out 830 cfm Rochester that has been ported even more with a 1/2 inch fuel line all the way to the sending unit in the gas tank!

Wonít run a Holly, what for? Itís easy to make power without one. Maybe if I had 900 hp but then all Iíd have to do is run dual Rochester's so I still wouldnít have to have a Holly. Had Ďem before and WAY like the Rochester better. Huge secondaries, easier to rebuild and what most people donít know is the huge number of circle track racers that use Rochester's and win 1st place. I know some of them. You guyís that have Hollyís, not bashing you, glad you like them. I just donít want one and Iíve spent thousands of hours in a machine shop building race engines.

The car is hundredís of pounds lighter than stock and there are frame connectors and traction bars. Replaced the power steering with a manual box, soon to be replaced with Rack and Pinion.
Both the Upper AND Lower grills now flow air since I cut out the lower grill and installed 1/2 of an upper grill to it making it look factory, and now it flows.
Took OFF the front spoiler making the car LOOK LIKE a 1978 instead of a '79. Don't need the air dam since both grills flow and I never did like the way that front spoiler looked anyway with those big lugs on each side of the car. Not only that, there was absolutely NO DIFFERENCE in the way the front end handled at high speed with or without that front spoiler and I drove it each way. Didnít feel any difference.

3.73 limited slip rear and the red line or I should say the rev limiter in the 6 AL box is 6800 and it pulls HARD all the way up to 6800 in every gear. except 4th because I don't want to go 155 mph.
I've had it up to about 135 and backed off.

MSD Dist also.

Now? I usually drive the speed limit. I know the car's fast and don't need to prove anything to pip squeaks. And thereís plenty of cars faster too. Look at the new 2018 Challenger with 705hp or the Corvette LT5 with 755hp But they cost way too much!
-Cubic Dollars!
I got 18 grand in the whole car and don't have a single payment and every time I drive it,

someone compliments it.
To tell the truth, I wouldn't spend more than $45,000.00 on anything with an engine anyway. Why?
unless itís a boat maybe
Probably the best thing or really the funniest thing about the car is the stock AM/FM Radio that still has the 1979 speakers in the rear deck! They work sometimes too!
The hilarious part is the disgust that teenagers and the twenty+ year old crowd has when they find out about the sound system! Believe it when I say they have plenty of advice that I don't take on the subject!
I'd WAY much rather listen to the engine than music drowning out noises of the road.
Music can wait until I'm not in the car.
There it is. engine back in the car by the end of the month and ungrabbable Hundred Dollar Bill's on the dash in 2nd gear till I say "STOP"!


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Re: Z28500 1979 z28

I am normally no into the 2nd gens, but this is pretty cool! Welcome to the board!
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