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Post My Yank Transmission story, or How I broke A th-400 with 320rwhp

I have never gotten loud about this, but I have had a hell of a time with Yank. Here is my death tally of Yank trannys:

Pro Yank 4L60E - 2-3 shift went bad, N20, 417 RWHP
Pro Yank 4L60E - 2-3 shift went bad, N20, 486 RWHP
Pro Yank TH-400 - 2.75 1st gear,Gearset disintegrated, all motor, 320rwhp, in the car 8 weeks
Pro-Yank TH-400 - 2.75 1st gear, Gearset problems, all motor, 320rwhp, in the car less than 4 weeks.

Now, let me make clear that Mike, the owner of Yank, has been pretty good about the whole thing. He paid some of my labor charges, and some of the shipping. However, this whole mess has cost me well over $1000 additional out of my own pocket. But through the whole ordeal, he has made something very clear to me.

He does not build these transmissions, nor is he responsible for them.

Not only does he farm out his work, but he is rather reluctant to stand behind any of it. It got to the point that I was dealing direct with the gentleman who DOES build them. And Mike's answer on a number of occasions was that he was not respobsible for ANY of it, and he was covering it out of the kindness of his heart.

My view is that, at least as far as the TH-400 goes, I never got what I paid for. I mean, his website says that it is good to 1000 horsepower. I NEVER hit one of the th-400's that blew up with the bottle. Both of them died on 100% motor, dynoed at 320rwhp. After the second one died, I requested a refund, as I felt that I had never gotten what I had paid for. He refused, and said that he'd help as much as he wished, and beyond that I was out of luck.

The whole reason behind this post is not necessarily to slam Yank. I just want EVERYONE to know what I went through, and how Yank feels they are responsible, or NOT responsible, for their transmissions.

- Matt

PS - I tried to be as fair as possible in this post, and stated pure fact. I would appreciate it if the mods would leave it here, or at least tell me what specifically they don't like about it, and not just delete it. Thanks.
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Sorry to hear your problems. I wish I had some answers. Frustrating.

The automotive industry is a scary one, and honestly, the minute you start modifying your car, you put yourself at the mercy of the mechanics/shops. It shouldn't be that way, but it is. There is always disclaimers made that "I'm not responsible..." or "This is just an estimate...".

The classic example for me is with a friend who just had a H/C set up done. Estimate was $4K. Turns out there were some slowdowns and stumbling blocks encountered and the bill was rising up to $6K very quick. Honestly, it wasn't a problem that the performance shop could forsee, nor the customer - so who should shoulder all the blame?

In my friend's case, he couldn't really just take the car away - it was in parts and a lot of work had been done right (by a good reputable shop too - not the type that you want to take your work away from). The shop is a good one and neither shop nor customer is to blame. Unfortunately, nothing is predictable when you mod the car, no warranties exist, and you have to be willing to accept the risks. In theory it should work, but in reality, so much can go wrong.

I really do feel your pain. And I think you post is fair, not singling out blame.

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I don't know the whole story, but I could buy you 5 turbo 400s out of junkyards that could hold 320 rwhp. Holy crap, I put 20000 miles on the turbo 400 in my 69 Cutlass with a decently built 455 in it without any trouble. That sucks so bad. Sorry.
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