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Ls7 vs ls3

New Project: This question has been ask probably a million times and it seems to always turn into a argument...with no real answers.

I want to drop a F1-C ProCharger in a C6 Vette. I don't have the car yet which is why I'm here. I'm wondering if I should go Base, GrandSport or Z06...

Either way the motor is being yanked out to drop in a proper rotating assembly. I would probably buy a short block with rotating assembly and swap it in/out. This will be a complete sleeper. Not sure how a vette can be a sleeper but it's worth a try.

Base vette I need to drop about 16K just to make it handle the blower. GS a suspension and (auto) trans upgrade. Z06 Trans kit...Since the motor is being pulled out I figure I find something with a healthy amount of miles...not too much but enough to save of $$$.

What do you guys think is a more reliable block...LS3 or's not a race car just a street cruiser. Conservative tune, etc.

Either a 2010 LS3 Corvette Grand Sport or 2009 LS7 Z06 Corvette...? In my book both are great cars but I wana see what you guys have to say...if anything...
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Re: Ls7 vs ls3

Not to rain on any parades at this web site but you might want to post this at a vette forum.
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Re: Ls7 vs ls3

If it is a street car I would do an LS1 or with a D1-SC. Or put just an LS7 in it and have 500 to the wheels. Have you ever ridden in a car with an F1? Those things aren't anything close to being a sleeper, and they are actually quite obnoxious to drive. A friend of mine had an LT1 in it with an F1. It made 717 to the wheels, but you couldn't even hold a conversation in the car it was so loud.

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Re: Ls7 vs ls3

My choice for a blower engine would be the LS3. Besides, when you are going to add that much power with forced induction, why spend the extra money to get the LS7? LS7 is a great NA engine, but not designed to be a great FI engine. If money wasn't an issue, maybe just build the engine with an aftermarket block and heads that has 6 head bolts around the cylinders, and not 4 bolts like these engines have.
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