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how to change my rebuilt title to a clean title?

i've heard about a process that you must go through in order to get a clean title for a salvaged or rebuilt title. something about the DMV must inspect it and you must have receipts from whoever did the repair work and must pass a certain inspection by the dmv.

anyone ever done this?
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Re: how to change my rebuilt title to a clean title?

In recent years a lot of states have made a car that's been written off have to pass an inspection just to get the title.
However it still says rebuilt salvage on the document.
That's what my title says.
I don't think you can clean a title as you want, but I may be wrong.
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Re: how to change my rebuilt title to a clean title?

In Texas, when a vehicle has a salvage title, it will always have that title, even though the car may have repaired to new condition.
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Re: how to change my rebuilt title to a clean title?

You have to check with your local registration office/DMV.... Most state laws are about the same...... Here is Texas..

FOR SALVAGE VEHICLE. (a) A vehicle for which a nonrepairable
certificate of title issued prior to September 1, 2003 or a salvage
vehicle title has been issued may be issued a regular certificate of
title after the motor vehicle has been repaired, rebuilt, or
reconstructed by a person described by Section 501.104(a) and, in
addition to any other requirement of law, only if the application is
accompanied by a separate form that:
(1) describes each major component part used to repair
the motor vehicle; and
(2) shows the identification number required by
federal law to be affixed to or inscribed on the part.
(b) On receipt of a complete application under this section
accompanied by the $13 fee for the certificate of title, the
department shall issue the applicant a regular certificate of title
for the motor vehicle.
(c) A regular certificate of title issued under this section
(1) describe or disclose the motor vehicle's former
condition in a manner reasonably understandable to a potential
purchaser of the motor vehicle; and
(2) bear on its face the words "REBUILT SALVAGE" in
capital letters that:
(A) are red;
(B) are centered on and occupy at least 15
percent of the face of the certificate of title; and
(C) do not prevent any other words on the title
from being read or copied.
(d) In addition to the fee described by Subsection (b), the
applicant shall pay a $65 rebuilder fee.
(e) On or after the 31st day after the date the department
receives a rebuilder fee under Subsection (d), the department shall
deposit $50 of the fee to the credit of the state highway fund to be
used only by the Department of Public Safety to enforce this chapter
and $15 to the credit of the general revenue fund.
(f) The department may not issue a regular certificate of
title for a motor vehicle based on a:
(1) nonrepairable vehicle title or comparable
out-of-state ownership document;
(2) receipt issued under Section 501.096(b); or
(3) certificate of authority.

Added by Acts 1997, 75th Leg., ch. 165, 30.43(a), eff. Sept. 1,
1997. Renumbered from V.T.C.A., Transportation Code,
501.0922, 501.0923 as consolidated and amended by Acts 2003, 78th
Leg., ch. 1325, 17.02, eff. Sept. 1, 2003.
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Re: how to change my rebuilt title to a clean title?

I have an R title. From what i've heard, you can register the car into certain other states where they become clean there during the process, and then you can regester the clean out of state title back into your state. I actually did this kinda with a bike. It was a salvage title from north carolina, and somehow he made it a clean north carolina title, and then it became a clean Pa title for me.
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Re: how to change my rebuilt title to a clean title?

A lot of states have stopped issuance of "clear" titles for out-of-state cars having rebuilt of salvage titles. The new title issued by another state will still have "salvage" or rebuilt on it. I heard this came out of Florida several years ago when all the hurricanes hit. There were a lot of cars that insurance companies totaled due to being either partially or totally underwater. Guys were buying these things for cents on the dollar, getting Florida salvage titles, putting new carpeting in them, and then re-titleling them in Georgia or Alabama with titles that didn't have the "salvage" in them, and then selling them to unwise buyers who thought they were getting good deals. Particularly if the buyer didn't think to do a CarFax, which didn't work all the time either. Later on the cars had big problems from being underwater. The process of taking a salvage title to another state and getting a clear title used to be called title washing. There may be some states that will issue clear titles for out-of-state salvage titles, but my insurance friend says the number is shrinking due to insurance pressure. I'd do a lot of checking if it were me.
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Re: how to change my rebuilt title to a clean title?

There is a word for this: fraud.
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