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Battery is always dead

Why is my battery always dead after just a day of sitting without running? Brand new alternator and battery is only a few months old. The car has always been this way since I bought it a few years ago.

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Re: Battery is always dead

What I would do is get a Digital multi meter that has an DC amperage range of at least 5-10 amps. Disconnect battery negative lead, put meter black lead on battery terminal and red lead on the negative battery wire you just removed. You should see about 50 Ma (0.050) amps on the meter (PCM, radio, keyless entry ) are always drawing current. My guess is you will see something much higher. From then on it's only a matter of disconnecting things and pulling fuses till the current draw goes away. To test your connection open a door and you will see the meter go up a couple of amps with interior lights. W/O a meter you could also just jump a 12 volt brake or parking lightbulb across the battery terminal and the negative wire you disconnected , if it lights brightly then you have a problem. Which car in your sig is having the problem, is it possible that something that should be wired to +12 ignition voltage got wired to 12 volt battery (always on) .
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