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I have to admit even though I have drag raced many cars 99 percent of them were either FWD or RWD auto. My 95 z28 is a 6speed car and I know I can't expect to get the same results as in FWD. What I mean is I used to have a bunch of high horse FWDs and the easiest way to launch was rev to 4-5k and drop the clutch.

Now with a RWD it's not so easy as it does not have the weight of the motor over the tires. I used to race a 75 Cordoba (lol stripped out 360 4bbl) and that would scorch 275s all day and took a little technique to pull.And even in my old Omni GLHs tire spin was a factor and were only talking 150-200 horsepower. And my SHO was an auto that was rather easy to launch compared to this 95.(Power Brake) What are some of the best methods\trick used to get solid pull. I was just out tonight and on solid dry ground with only hitting 2.5k on the clutch the rear was drifting into the left lane once I stepped on the gas and took at least a second to recover. Any thoughts or experiences welcome?

BTW the tires\rims are GoodYear F1 275/40/17 all around and mods are Lingenfelter Intake, Magnaflow Catback.

And the really sad aspect of all this is the only RWD stick I ever had was a 1980 Toyota Corolla 1.8!

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Re: Launching

Well the problem is your on street tires, i would recommend getting a pair of Mickey Thompson ET Street Radials, My buddy launches his procharged camaro at 3,800 rpm at the drag strip, and has the best 60 foot time launching in that range.
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Re: Launching

I have pretty ****ty street tires (Good Year Eagles that about had it at this point) ... my car is a M6.

I rev it up high enough she wont stall (around 2200ish) and feather out the clutch. By feather, I release it hard til it hooks, lay into the throttle and ease it out the rest of the way (this takes literally less than half a second). Half the time she will hook at a low enough RPM that it won't break the tires loose and I can somewhat control the wheel spin through 1st, into 2nd.

Sticky tires, well, I've found it easier to light them up, and hold the throttle at one spot exactly. When the RPM's start to drop, the tires are warming up and getting sticky enough. Stop. Stage. Rev it to incrementally higher RPM's dumping the clutch the same every time. You'll find the sweet spot where it launches good.

Also, when I let the clutch out on a launch, prior to actually launching - I let the clutch out to that point where you can "feel" it but it isn't moving the car yet (if that makes sense). This takes the drivetrain slack out of the equation somewhat and makes it easier on the entire driveline.

This is about all the advice I can offer after 15 years of launching dirt bikes, quads, cars, trucks, etc. And I don't think I ever broke on a launch yet ...
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Re: Launching

FWIW, I used to own a 99 z28 tuned and full bolt ons. It was also an m6 car on 315 radials and I would do a John force burnout, stage, and dump the clutch at 6k. Launched pretty well and never looked back.

Note: you could shatter a 10 bolt doing this but my stocker held up great. Best time in that car was a 12.90 @ 104.
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