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2015 Toledo Match Tour

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2015 Toledo Match Tour

Well attempt #2 (last time I got logged off and lost everything)

2015 Toledo Match Tour Re Cap

Tech, Registration, and chief's meeting Friday night, walked the course twice, and then replaced the driver side hub before being kicked out for the night. Went home and start the pre autocross ritual, find all my items, charge all my gear, drink captain and stay up to late.... Ready to race Saturday

Solo matter's pre-event talk

Saturday AM
Prior to this event we made the choice to move the rear LCA down one hole on the relocation bracket to see if it helped with traction on the camaro. I went out for my first run and felt like the car was actually a little looser and having some inside wheel spin problems through out the corner. Sure enough after becoming more comfortable with the course and pushing the car harder, the car just kept getting worse. We ended the morning session being 2nd place about 6 tenths behind the last minute ringer Matthew Braun (Multi time national champ in different classes and can co drive anything)

Saturday PM

I was pretty annoyed after the morning session and decided that we would go back to square 1 with the car and move the LCA back to the original hole and see if that improved our problems. As we were waiting for our heat (3rd) heat to go the weather started to take a turn for the worse.

2nd heat weather coming in

Sure enough not long after this we had a corner worker call in for lightning spotted, and all corner workers were brought in and told to take shelter. I spent my time waiting in my grandparents vehicle and taking a small nap. After a little bit over an hour the lightning had stopped but the course was soaked and the rain drops were still slowly coming down. Due to the amount of time lost they also decided to drop down to 2 runs per heat in the PM session. This means less chance for the course to dry and less attempts at putting down a good run, fantastic.

Another problem that had our class slightly worried about, was the fact no one had rain tires except 1 competitor. So if the rain came back and soaked the course (slowly drying), they would have a huge competitive advantage. As 3rd heat was starting to get ready the sun came back out and the 1 driven path on course started looking pretty dry in area's. The one competitor decided to stick with the dry Hoosiers and we all were going to battle out the puddles in our Race tires (not rains).

The first run was all about finding out the puddle zones and remember where to push your run and where to give up the speed. Also apparently, where not to DNF??? I accidentally missed a gate out of the slalom by turning too much left and going on the wrong side of a cone wall. The course was drying dramatically and mattew finish his 2nd run throwing himself way into first place dropping second over everyone else. Luckily for the 2nd drivers, the more time in between runs gave us a dryer course. I went out for my last run remembering to stay tight on the turn a rounds to avoid the damp conditions and remembered were to give it up and which side of the cone wall to be on, and dropped 2.2 seconds off my first run.

I nervously waiting for the results...... and I was 2nd fastest in the PM session but enough to get the in for ESP!! If the rain wasn't a factor I don't believe I would have been able to get the win for the day, but lucky for me it was. 2 more A7's some Hawk contingency and wouldn't you believe it??? I won the raffle and got a free entree to a national event. I left Saturday being on top of the world.

Saturday Results

Saturday Pax

going to swap out another hub

Life of an ESP camaro, always swapping hubs. Knowing the passenger side would need attention after this event I went to get another warranty swap. Had to wait until Sunday for the part to be in though.


Coming off such a great Saturday I was ready to get back into it, and prove the camaro had more time in it for the dry conditions. Sunday is all about qualifying for 1 of the 2 shootouts based upon Index in your heat. The top 8 make it in the super shootout, 9 -16 make it in the club shootout.

My co driver chris went out first and about 1/2 way into his run someone spotted something and said "hey whats the dangling from the front of your car?" I had no clue, it looked like chris felt something off and aborted the run just shy of 3/4 through the course. I told him to move the car out the grid and finish area so we could take a look. As he goes to turn through the paddock The wheel came off

I was in shock and disbelief.....

cell phone first shot before moving the girl


Looking at damage

Death Wheel

Poor fender

The long story short is the hub failed without much of a warning. This hub had 3 autocross days on it, so 1.5 national events and it failed... This is getting ridiculous... With a brief look at the damage, it appears i'll need a brake bracket, fender, brake line, hub, and hopefully that's it. While I was finishing up looking up the damage I was offered a car swap by Jeff C to take a seat in his GT500, I asked my co driver if he could manage getting a tow for the camaro, and was on my way.

toxpix.com | Your #1 Source for Autocross Photos![/url]
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Re: 2015 Toledo Match Tour

Last minute car swap! The big girl can dance, she just needs big shoes (345 hoosiers)

My first run I was a little timid with the right pedal, but the few times I was in it, I was surprised by the amount of grip the car had. I guess that makes sense now with 345 hoosiers and a 86 mph 2nd gear, but the 540whp still sling shot this car towards the slalom section and made it a little difficult to judge the speed into some sections.

Run 2 I went for it resulting in a nice 180 through the finish, but dropped 2 seconds, 3rd run I smoothed it out and came in with a 61.2xx being the 3rd fastest ESP qualifier. In a car i've never driven and about .7xx from the lead I felt pretty good about my runs.

After some confusion and a decent amount of time, I found out I had made the super shootout and my first competitor was a FSP CRX. Talk about your David vs Goliath battle. When the dust settled I had won round 1, and then 2, and then 3, and I won heat 3 of the supershootout.

1st round supershootout.

Winning my heat had me in the final 4 (winner of each heat) for a 1 run, closest to their dial in or biggest break out wins.... Well I took 3rd running 2 tenths off my dial in, but over I felt I did great and the car was a blast to drive.

Final 4 battle

Solo Matters event recap

Pax combined for both days all 3 sessions

Best Saturday AM run

Photo Credit : Perry Bennett www.autoxpix.com
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Re: 2015 Toledo Match Tour

The camaro was taken to my co drivers house on a flat bed and the damage was what we thought so now the rebuilding begins.

I'm still just annoyed and surprised at what had happened. I'm happy that luckily when the wheel came off someone was able to stop the 60lbs + rim/tire/brake/caliper combo before anything was damage or anyone was hurt, but I feel something needs to be done. I had a 1 day old hub fail with RE-71R street tires at the optima ultimate street car challenge earlier this year, and not to mention i've gone through many other sets. The OE hubs would fail also, but no where near as fast as their off the shelf aftermarket counter parts, and since OE does not make them anymore I feel that we need to upgrade to something better.

So I put a letter into the SEB asking to see if an aftermarket hub assembly would be allowed if it had no performance advantage other than safety.
Same track width
More rolling resistance (disadvantage)
Heavier weight (disadvantage)
Cost's 6 times as much (wow disadvantage)

but.... should be safer and not need to be replaced as much

If anyone else that competitively autocross's in the SCCA especially ESP class, please write a letter to the SEB on this issue, and let put a stop to these crazy junk hubs.


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